The BE switch....what a day!

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  1. So not only do I still have this awful, icky cold; it's like a blizzard outside my window. YUCK!! So, to brighten my day I switched everything from my Botkier Bianca to my new SMM Chocolate. Oh, the smell, the pink lining and the color; she is conditioned and sprayed ready for the world.....tomorrow.

    Then to make the day even better?? DING's my postman. There he hands over my new LM in Dark Grey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, can this day get any better? The color is TDF? The smell, well we all know the smell. Do you think Jackie can bottle it?? I mean I have the cold of all colds right now and the smell parts right through it like Moses and the Red Sea! I am normally not a big bag type of girl, but it is just puurrrrfect. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! The silver hardware just compliments it. The design is just awesome and I now know why there are so many LM lovers.

    I know there are a lot of threads out there on BE, but I needed to just show my love for the brand. I forsee, a yes....a purple crash coming my way! :yahoo:
  2. Post some pics!!
  3. Oh how wonderful for you!!! Can't wait for you to post pics. Congrats!
  4. Love to see pics! congrats
  5. Pics when you have a chance! Congrats!
  6. As soon as I feel better guys...I will post the pics! Thanks for the Congrats.
  7. You have my sympathies re. your cold - I'm sniffling, my son is sniffling and my poor old Dad is even worse, although that didn't stop him from doing some gardening (his passion!)
    What better way to cheer yourself up when you're feeling lousy - swapping bags and then getting a stunner in the post!!!
    I am really envious! I'm one of those ladies waiting for the LM Midi in Dark Grey so I am thrilled that you're thrilled with your LM Dark Grey!!!!
  8. Savvy, I love my Dark Grey LMM. Glad you like the color too! I know exactly what you mean about the smell -- I used to stick my nose right inside my bag so I could get a whiff -- what I sight that must've made!

    And I'm looking forward to a purple crash in the fall too. Let us all know when you hear more about the line sheet for fall pre-orders; I'm definitely interested as I'm sure many here BE fans are.
  9. Yay Savvy, isn't the dark grey LM divine? Congrats! And hope you are feeling better!
  10. Congratulations saavy23! Can't wait to see pics! Hope you get rid of your cold soon!
  11. Congrats Savvy. Enjoy!!!

    I"m thrilled for you...
  12. Oh congrats! What an exciting day! You made a wonderful choice in bags!!!
  13. Man, can I come and be you for the day?!

    Congrats on your bags...yes, please post pics! :yes:
  14. Would love to see some pics! I adore my dark grey LM but am thinking about the LMM for my everyday errands....

    Sure hope you feel better! I have a sick child at home right now so I feel your pain...
  15. congrats! i have the LMM in Dark Grey and LOVE it. the leather gets so smooshy with use, it's great. it's the most comfortable and "cuddly" bag. :biggrin: and yeah, issn't the smell amazing. i have been using it continuously for the past week. great for weekends plus taking to work. i'm sure you will enjoy yours! congrats again!