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  1. Hi BE Gal friends!
    Drop in for a cuppa or a discuss our lifestyles...the weather...the kids...the DH...the SO...whatever. (I've learned from other forums that if you don't put BE in the title of the thread...they put the thread onto the general forum.)
    So this is a place for BE gals to talk about our lives, loves, work, vacations, challenges, successes, disappointments and triumphs.
    Whether you're up early in the morning, or cruising online late at'll have a chance of meeting a friend to chat in the BE Cafe.
    It's a wonderful life. :heart:
  2. actually, even w/ BE in the title you styill can't have an off topic thread in here.
    That's what General Discussion is for and why you see a Christian Louboutin thread among others in there.

    If other forums have them, it's because we haven't noticed.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.