The bbag picture thief is at it again!

  1. The picture thief is at it again! It drives me nuts. Please help me report the picture thief by copy-pasting the following auction numbers in two separate reportings (because they only allow 10 at a time).

    180004956813, 180004957451, 180004957733, 180004958700, 180004959662, 180004960030, 180004961754, 180004962293

    180004962781, 180004963348, 180004967208, 180004967546, 180004968803, 180004969120

    The annoying thing is, this doesn't really fall under the "replica" category, since some of these auctions have totally legit pictures- just stolen from innocent sellers. Anybody just annoyed as I am and want to do something about it?

    All from ebay id: 4392jade
  2. I got your back there, mlert!
  3. I just did.... :yes:
  4. We're the Balenciaga police!
  5. :wlae:

    Does anyone know whether ebay has a customer service hotline?
  6. I'm on it too. This totally burns me up. It's not fair to unsuspecting buyers!!!! :rant:
  7. Mlert, I don't know if there's a phone number to contact them, but maybe you can try the "live help" link??

    You can also contact Customer Support in the following ways.
    • Use the "Email Us” link – This link is located at the bottom of most Help pages. Use it to send us an email when you have a question about the topic on that Help page.
    • Use the “Contact Us” link – This link is located on the left side of any page in the Help system. Clicking it will take you to a page where you can choose the topic of your email. Choosing a topic helps us direct your inquiry to the representatives who can assist you quickly and accurately
    • Use the “Live Help” link – This link frequently appears on prominent eBay pages, such as the Home page and Sell Your Item form. Clicking it will connect you to a special private chat room, where you can ask an eBay representative your question—live!
  8. One of the stolen photos is mine watermarked even!! I notified ebay
    about 6 hours ago and they have done zip! The seller is fake as well,
    10 fake feedbacks, all left today.....this morning another seller had his
    account stolen, he emailed and called ebay, it took over 2 hours for them to delete the items.....grrrrr.....I will lead the Ebay police army
    girls....I am ready...and I can be scary without make-up!!:devil: :ninja: :banned:
  9. seriously! we need to band together- use our powers and have a daily list of the fakes or something for everyone to report and do their part!!
  10. Thanks for the info cate-- I'm actually waiting for a customer service rep at the "Live Help" chat window... Let's see if they can be of any help..
  11. Good work, mlert!!!

    Chloe - sorry that happened to you!!
  12. :yucky: :yucky: to those listings!

    They should hire me! I would clean those listings up in 5 minutes flat. Ebay HQ is 45 minutes from my house...

    ATTN EBAY: HIRE ME!! :yes:
  13. I agree Ebay hire Murasaki! :yes: :graucho:
  14. Thanks Cate, I feel horrible that people get taken advantage of and the scammers use someone else's photos to do it!