The bbag I am looking for - Black city

Thanks, Slinks. You are not the first one to suggest that for me. Is the 05 leather (or older year) better than the 06 leather? I am new to Balenciaga, although I had purchase 4 06 bags recently, but I don't really know the older version of bbag. I recently got a ice blue which I believe is 05, and I felt the leather on 05 is much softer and superior compare the 06. Then again, paying full retail price for a used bag is something I am not feel very comfortable to do so. That's just me since I haven't truly understand the value of Balenciaga bag yet.
I understand. The price of a bag should be comfortable to you.
The 05 leather is so much softer and smoother than the 06 leather! the 07 bags I've seen so far have been smooth, but not nearly as soft. Also the hardware on the 05 bags seems brighter than the 06 or 07, and offers a nice contrast with the black leather.
For me it wouldn't even be a question, I would always choose 05 over current. But ask around, do some research, and see what would best suit your needs. Btw, the 05 bag starts at $1000 - you could always put a bid in at what you are comfortable paying.
I have been looking for a black city for a while. Here is one from PFer, anyone know who is the seller? The question comes again, should I pay $1000 for a used 06 black city, or just pay $200 more for a new 07 black city? Hope I can make up my mind before someone get that bag.:confused1: :sweatdrop:

eBay: Authentic Balenciaga City in black from s/s '06 (item 110072849787 end time Jan-03-07 15:14:34 PST)

I have this exact bag and absolutely LOVE it!:love: I wear it all the time!:yes: The leather on mine is just as beatiful and soft as on my SS '05 Black First- I don't know if I was just lucky or if that is the case on all SS '06 Black Cities.
I am certain that you will love your new Black City! Post some pics when you get it pls!:smile:
They all look good but does anyone know the PF member.. I would feel safer with a known seller. Maybe some members have had experience with the other sellers?? In my own experience the leather varies a lot in each year too.
$200 is significant, and a black city only benefits from being broken-in a bit. I would get it used - no tax either, so savings of over $300!
There is another black city - from 05 - on ebay right now - if I were in the market for a black city I would go for this one.
eBay: AUTHENTIC 2005 Black City Balenciaga (item 180067814023 end time Dec-31-06 12:44:33 PST)
Even with the BIN it would be worth it to me - I think the quality is far superior.

Hi, slinks. I won that 05 s/s black city. Thanks for your suggestion.:yes: