The Bbag Chat Room!

  1. arrrrgggghhhh where did it go?! hehe it isn't there! so i guess it didn't send! i will send again!
  2. happy easter!!! hope you and the kiddos are doing something fun! My wrist is a bit better, not quite as sore, so I'm optimistic. It's going to be such a gorgeous weekend and now I can't get out and play, figures, why didn't it happen when the weather was crumy! ah well, I'll just ride around in the golf cart and whine!, not really, it will be nice to get out anyway. the storms were pretty strong this am but nothing too sever! it's that season......
  3. hi redskater, how are those gorgeous kitties of yours? this is my first time in this forum...i have to say that i've become obsessed with b-bags, particularly the outremer color... i literally spent all day searching on line, and i found that Barneys has the pom, but i can't find a velo or city bag... a new obsession is born! lol

    red, what's wrong with your wrist? hope it's nothing serious! xoxo
  4. Hi sweetie!! nice to see you here! Kitties are as spoiled as ever, love them to death! Oh no, this is a very expensive obsession to have, it's killing me cause I want them all in every color! lol! Outremer is gorgeous, I saw one a few months back at the Barneys in Dallas, it was such a deep rich blue with purple undertones, not sure if they have any left. It seems to be the most popular color this season. I'll keep my peepers out for you.

    I seem to have torn some ligaments, don't know how long it's gonna take to heal, I'm not good at not being able to be active. we'll see, at least I can still type!

    Didn't you get a new kitty? how are your babies?
  5. Red, hope your wrist heels fast! At least, as you say, you can type:graucho:

    I have eaten a little of my chocolate Easter egg BF gave me now. And since I promised you pics of it and what was inside, here they come! The egg was actually empty inside, I was a little disappointed! And BF was like "what, and to that price?!":lol: But it was really good though!

    4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg
  6. happy easter everyone! :smile: hope ya'll are having a blast! anyway, Im about to place an order for my 1st bbag from bal london. But they're not answering my calls, are they closed or is it a holiday there? I was told they will be closed Monday but didn't know if they're closed sunday as well :smile:

  8. purplum, I'm pretty sure they're closed today, this is a big holiday weekend in London

    redskater, yes, Jinxie the blind rescue kitty is doing very well thanks! he's fitting into the family quite nicely... I'm so sorry to hear about your fall... ow! hope the kitties are being good nurses for you

    p&p, love your pug and your beautiful bal family, I spent some time admiring your collection, particularly your gorgeous Outremer Velo! :love:

    happy easter everyone
  9. gypsybiker, thank you! Yes, Outremer is such a stunning color and I love the Velo style! Hope you manage to find an Outremer, I do see one pop up on evilbay from time to time:smile:
  10. thank you so much gypsybiker59! :smile: that explains why no one is answering my phone calls and email. so I guess they'll be back tuesday? :smile: I can't wait to place my first bal order :biggrin:
  11. ^In Norway everything is closed Thursday and Friday (last week) and Sunday and Monday. Don't know if it's like that in other countries in Europe too, but it is a good chance!
  12. thanks purses & pugs :smile: will have to wait till tuesday then!
  13. purplum, what bal are you ordering? I'm so excited for you

    p&p, thanks so much! i will definately be stalking evilbay for an Outremer!
  14. P&P - look at the yummy egg!! I am so curious to how good it is! :biggrin:

    Wow Easter closes everything for that long in Norway! That is a long holiday, but I bet thats nice to enjoy!!
  15. omg! that's still a lot of chocolate! you really need help eating all of that!:graucho: now I understand what it is!!!

    hope everyone is enjoying their easter day! haven't made any plans for dinner, maybe sushi!

    gypsy did you see thithi's outremer day! it's so pretty! this is definitely a color they need to come out with again. I'm always amazed at some of the unique colors they do. just so pretty and unusual. doesn't P & P have the most awesome collection! I really want her to adopt me!:biggrin: