The Bbag Chat Room!

  1. Great thanks!! yes i do mean strap size as beng to long! i think ill be choosing between city and part time
  2. Balenciaga is driving me crazy! First I can't decide between the city, velo or part time. And then I can't decide on the colour :hrmm:
    I eventually decided to get the City in Gris Tarmac cos I love my greys and navyblues.
    Hope I made the right decision! Wish I can just have them all :p
    Can't wait for it to be delivered!
  3. City or Velo? Can anyone advise?
    City seems more common and well loved but I like the longer strap and double loop option.
    Also cassis or cumin. Saw it online but the pics don't seem to match those irl?
    Would greatly appreciate someone who can share some first hand experience on how user friendly these 2 designs are?
  4. I have both Citys and Velos. The City is a nice bag which can be also worn in the evening easily. It holds a lot. You can see it in the thread 'What's in your bag?'. The Velo is very spacious and it can be worn cross body, although it goes too low IMO. When shopping I always take my Velos. I don't know what to tell you. I love them both. I think the City is more cute than Velo. As far as the color is concerned, I like Cassis very much but I don't know how versatile this color is it depends on your outfits. Cumin is more neutral. So I guess I would go for that if I had to choose between the two.:biggrin:
  5. I am looking to purchase my first bbag (finally!!) and need help in choosing a color. Im looking at the black or the red (coq?). I want a jet black type or a bright red w no orange undertones. Has anyone seen these current colors and can offer input? Thank you!!!!
  6. You can see Coq in my avatar. I would go for black first since it's your first Bbag and then Coq or maybe both!
  7. thanks for sharing. i tend to stuff more in my bags when they are larger, so the city might be a better option.... but i can't decide and it may just mean i will have to get both (?!) one will stay in the closet, in hiding for awhile. ;p
  8. You don't need to hide any bag in the closet. I have many and I enjoy rotating a lot. I never hold a bag for a second day. Of course this means taking out all the stuff and putting them in another which I hated in the past but now with Bals I enjoy it. Of course all this is up to you.:winkiss:
  9. I'm just like cat1967. Part of my wardrobe change includes changing my bag nearly every day. It helps keep my bag from getting cluttered, and rotating your bags helps decrease the wear, IMO. I can be very fast moving my stuff from one bag to another. You can't go wrong with either style, and especially not with both!:biggrin:
  10. I have a Coq Town and I think of it as lipstick red. I don't see any orange undertones in mine. It's a beautiful color, imo.
  11. thanks! i finally got the cassis with mrggh! :heart:
  12. Oh Congratulations! Please post some pictures I am about to purchase a Cassis. Could you please describe the color? Does it have purple undertone? Is it too dark?
  13. I thought of purchasing a Town since it's the only style I have not got. Then I thought it should be a dark color as there is color transfer with the light ones, I have experienced that with a Velo. Do you think buying Cassis is a good decision? I haven't seen the color IRL as most of them and I am doubtful as I want it to be dark but not dull. Please help me make a decision here.:thinking::tender:
  14. My first Bal... and I am in looooove!
    The leather seems buttery and has a little sheen to it, just the shade i wanted, not too dark and a little more purplish than the hamilton. I took the photo right by the window to catch the best colour in natural light.
    Now I have to protect the whole bag before using it... any suggestions? I usually just send my bags to colourwash for water protection coating. Is that sufficient?
    Also, can anyone help confirm that i received all the tags? this is my first Bal and first time buying from so i want to be extra sure.

    photo 1.JPG photo 2.JPG
  15. Congratulations for this beautiful bag. Thank you for posting the picture. It looks great. As far as conditioning is concerned, I don't usually condition them when I buy them, but if you want to then you'd better use the Balenciaga nourishing cream or Leather Honey. They don't change the color in anyway. LH makes it look darker for an hour when it is absorbed it goes back to its original color. It nourishes and protects. I love it. Your tags are those you should always have they are ok.:love::love: