The Bbag Chat Room!

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  1. Continued from here: The Bbag Chat Room!

    Just a reminder that the same rules for the Bal forum apply here too. ;)
  2. Hi thoughts are with the new England ladies in the midst of the flood.
  3. Hi ladies! Can someone tell me where i can ask questions about B bags? Thanks! Im new to the Balenciaga addiction!
  4. what questions did you need answered? then we can point you in the right direction.:smile: welcome to the bal forum!:graucho:
  5. Hello ladies!

    Aahhh, Easter has officially started here and I'm not going back to work until Tuesday:yahoo:
    I ususally go to the mountains during Easter, either on my mom's cabin or some friend's cabin, but not this year. I'm staying home and will just relax. Almost no people left in the city now:nuts:
  6. argh....... I fell last night while teaching and landed on my wrist! just had ex-rays, no broken bones, but tore some ligaments, I'm so pissed! there goes my yoga for awhile. I'm gonna try and figure out a alternate program, plus no golf, rats! I hate being side lined. i think i need to buy something to make me feel better and it's really hard to type!
  7. Good morning everyone.. can't say from "Sunny So. CA" today, suppose to rain.. on this "wish i were in bed still but have to get to ready for work" April fools day.. :P

    well, im at a comfortable level of B-bags, 4, that's it.. i just have to stop.. , here i am, saying hello.. my intend is to get to know the regulars on this forum.

    is that a good thing? or will my comfy 4 B-bags grow to 5??? or???:angel:
  8. hi, well. I'm at 6 and I thought that would be enough, but they just keep coming out with such gorgeous colors so I'm thinking 2 more would be perfect, ha, it never ends unless you just get off the forum completely, but that wouldn't be much fun, would it.
  9. That is so true Red, I really believe that tpf contributes towards additction. I was addicted to Bbags before I joined tpf, but it's definiely not helping being here;) But it's so much fun though, I not planning to leave the forum any day soon.

    mzedith, welcome to the Bbag world:graucho: I also thought I would have around 5-6 Bbags, but that is definitely not the case with me!! Love all my bags and use them all, and I'm very very happy with all them though:smile:
  10. Oh no:sad: that sounds very painful! But i'm really glad you did not break anything. But it sucks, totally understand.
    Haha, and yes, you need to buy something to mach your 7 new LQ scarves, that will make you feel better;)
  11. yes - if they didn't make such gorgeous colours then we would all be fine! I've now got 3 that are keepers (A bit of shuffling here and there already this year but happy now!) so I am banned!
  12. I just wanted to know if the B bag i want to buy on ebay is a fair price for what it is and what year its from? Or if you guys think i could find better? Thanks! :flowers:
  13. Thanks ladies, well Sunny So. Ca turned out to be Sunny after all. :sunshine:

    Red IDK, maybe down the line it may grow

    i wasn't feeling sad when i sold my two Chanel bags to fund my first two B-bags. I wasn't getting along very well with the Chanel bags. That's me though, my bags are very personal and we have to get along.. :smile:

    not ready to let go of any more Fendi's right now.

    as for TPF, im just addicted to the forum in general.. hehe