The Bbag Chat Room!

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  1. Didn't see a chat thread here? Everyone else seemed to have one? So maybe we should have a Bbag chat room? A place where we can bring up all kinds of stuff! So chat on ( if I am wrong the mod can remove this)!:hugs::whistle::peace:
  2. Good for you Muggles! I wasn't sure about that either - oh well we'll soon find out :tup::heart: If it's allowed it'll need a name though...:smile:
  3. I was wondering why there was no chat thread in this forum. Hope it will be allowed.
  4. It should be allowed! Chloe has the Chatty Cathy Chat Room! We should have ours!!!
  5. Thanks muggles,I hope it will be allowed too!!!:sos:
  6. Me too! Thanks for starting it muggles and let's hope it's allowed!:yes:
  7. OK lets chat and see what happens!
  8. Great idea!
  9. I'm in.. pretty much all the forums have ONE "anything goes" chat thread...
  10. cool, let me start then? eliie, thanks for messaging me on the bay the other day, it was cool to see another PF'er there !
  11. Do you think the Magenta City is too loud to wear?
  12. i think it looks fantastic with a black dress !!! or just jeans and a tee ! :tup:
  13. Hiya! :tup:
  14. Magenta City is beautiful!! I don't think any color B-Bag is too loud to wear. IMO only Balenciaga bags can get away with it...:yes:
  15. i too have a bal problem :

    i am in such a dilemma! i am trying to see if i want to sell my 08 marine city to swap for the 09 officier city... but the leather on the 08 marine is TDF !! the color is my only concern... the blue just isn't navy enough, like there is a film of white dust on the bag ...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.