The Bayswater. Is it practical?

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  1. Would you mind sharing your experience with the bays in some detail? I'm recently considering buying one (in oxblood :smile: ) but I'm a little afraid it's not as practical as I need it to be. To access it, do you have to take it off the shoulder? Or can you leave one strap on and reach into the bag? If not, is it a hassle to take it off, open it etc.? I want to use this as often as possible, but I know that won't happen if anything about it annoys me....
  2. I've got the croc Bayswater in black and the regular tan leather one. I tend to lift the flap to get things out and put stuff in when am on the move. It's much easier to do this with the tan one tho, maybe cos it's a softer leather?
  3. Thank you, so you can do that while it stays on your shoulder? I find bags impractical that I have to take off to get into....

    Yes, sounds like moving the flap would be easier with a softer one...
  4. Hmm, when I do wear my Bays on the shoulder, I usually take it off to open the flap. (I have the croc Bays in oak, and the leather is not as soft as the regular leather). I don't think I've ever tried opening the flap while it's still on my shoulder though ... To be fair, I also don't usually wear it on the shoulder unless I have a lot of other things to carry.

    I think if you release the belts at the side to the fullest extent, you should be able to leave one strap on and open the flap to reach into the bag :biggrin:
  5. Thank you! I guess I'll have to try one on. Or just order one and get used to however it works - it's just too beautiful not to get :biggrin:
  6. Hi there! I have 4 Bays one of which is the oxblood NVT and I can get in and out of each one by flipping up the flap and reaching in while it's still on my shoulder! Like you I'd find it a faff to keep taking it on and off all the time but luckily it's possible to get in and out without having to do that. Hope that helps! Please reveal when you get yours!
  7. Thank you, sounds very encouraging! Reveal is mandatory once I have it...unfortunately I still have to save up a little ;)
  8. Definitely! It's a gorgeous bag and I'm so happy with mine! :heart: I'm sure you'll love it as much when you get yours.
  9. Own bays, including oxblood nvt.
    Daily bag. Used for years.
    Worn on shoulder.

    Yes, can access interior on shoulder.
    I move lock cloche to side adjustment strap.
    So doesn't slap arm, when drop outer handle.
    Then lift flap, reach in.
    Arranging contents, so wallet/most used items near front. helps.

    Have not found bays too heavy for carrying.
    However, in hot weather, have found big ol' slab of leather pressed against side not particularly cooling.
    And choose other style. Often alice, with shoulder strap.
    For air flow & ability to fling about casually.

    No idea how I would maneuver coca's new bays.
    As shoulder wear requires leather to squash & bend.
    To feel comfortable under arm.
    Plus tight sides, not to smack bag into things.

    Hope helps. :smile:
  10. >>However, in hot weather, have found big ol' slab of leather pressed against side not particularly cooling.<<

    That's very helpful, thank you. The above sentence made me smile and it's true :biggrin:

  11. You are so right about the hot slab of leather :biggrin:
  12. I have 4 bayswaters. Love them all. Yes so practical. Look classy. Defo buy one. :coolio:
  13. +1!!
  14. I often reach in while it is on my shoulder, either flipping up the flap or, even though I keep the straps fairly tight, I am able to reach in and pull my transit card out of the back slip pocket without opening the flap.
  15. Yup, I shrug off the outer strap (ya for drooping shoulders, for once), lift flap, rummage about, drop flap into place, put on outer strap again (or not).

    Hot slab of Darwin leather is not so fun, but plasticky canvas is worse. And Darwin smells divine in hot weather...