The bay is to die for! Paddy owners may be switching over!

  1. I will be the first to admit, the bay did not exactly jump out and scream at me to buy it initially. I am a paddy lover, but have always been semi unappreciative of the lack of any functionality with the paddy. The heaviness, the lock, the hardware chipping, etc :crybaby: I bought the Moka (chocolate) bay hobo bag and I love it! It is sooo soft, smells divine and holds A LOT of stuff. I can wear it on my shoulder and open it and dig through my bag without the hassle of having to take it off my shoulder first. I really have grown to love it after just a few days of carrying it. Plus, the weight is SO light compared to the Paddy. Don't get me wrong, the paddy is legendary but for the almost $1900 I plopped down for the bay, I feel my money was much better spent on it than any paddy strictly for the above reasons. I think I also had waaaaayyyy to many bad experiences with Nordstrom and BG sending me choco paddies that were used and abused and then shipped to me. I had a total of 7, yes SEVEN choco paddies sent to me from Nordies (one from BG) and all were obviously used and disgusting. The manager at my local Nordies (mine does not carry Chloe) was appalled at the quality of bags I was sent. So, the bay is my personal "it" bag for now :nuts:
  2. I can't believe that they would send you all those paddies in such shape. I guess they figured that b/c it was paddies that it wouldn't matter. I can understand if those bags were at a significant discount, say 60%off...but under the pretense of new merchandise...bah humbug...they should do better!
  3. OMG :wtf: but yes I think the Bay is the new paddy!
  4. So does that mean we'll be on the hunt for a Bay beauty on sale..hee hee...I too wasn't totally in love with it at first, but now that I am getting all this exposure to it, I'm feeling the love.
  5. Glad you're happy with it:smile: I just bought the same bag (Bay Shoulder) in camel, and sadly it's not for me. While I love how it looks, and the pockets (one of each side of the outsides), and the size is perfect for all my stuff, it doesn't suit me. I think I'm too short and chunky for the bag. I want to keep it for the beautiful, distressed leather, and because it's the perfect color for Spring/Summer, but it just isn't for me.

    I do agree with you though, I think it wil be the new paddy. All the style elements are there.
  6. I hope they will get it here soon I can't wait to "try it out". Early march I will be in Paris so I might go bag hunting there!
  7. I love the Bay too! Cannot wait when I'll save enough money to get one!
  8. I'm not overly struck on the bay, i haven't seen one IRL, but the pictures i've seen just don't do it for me - i am a paddy girl at heart, but then again, i didn't have the bad luck that you had in trying to obtain one!:s

    I'm glad you've found a bag you love - enjoy!!:heart::yahoo:
  9. i have the bay and although i like the leather and the "lightness" of it, i still prefer my paddies, ive had it for a few weeks but now i think i should have gotten a medium paddy instead, oh well:confused1:
  10. I'm in love with the bay as well, and am questioning my paddies and silverados now that these new fab designs have hit the stores......
  11. I'm with you, the bay doesn't do a thing for me...I still love the paddy:smile::yes:
  12. I have one, the regular Bay in navy, and am waiting for a quilted. I really like them, a lot, but so far not in the way I have adored my Paddies and Silveradoes. There is a lot of "new thing" hype right now, but I just don't see these bags being as universally adored as the Paddington. It was so different and special and fun when it came along. And I know it was too heavy or too something for a lot of people. I see this more as another great new bag for the Chloe lover, to add to the arsenal. Sort of a Betty plus. Maybe I'll love it more as time goes by.
  13. Ditto! The Bay is different but I'm not overwhelmed by it's look.....yet.
  14. The Quilted Bay is TDF but I am not so keen on the non-quilted style :shame:

    I don't believe the Bay will out shine the Paddy but it probably going to be Chloe's most successful style since the Paddy :yes: Time will tell.....

    Me though, I love the Paddington best of all Chloe styles and I think I always will :love:
  15. I have to say the bay hasn't done much for me either......