The battle between Donald & Rosie Just Got A Whole Lot.......NAKED !!!

  1. The battle between Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnell just got a whole lot juicier -- and naked!

    Amid all the celebrity mud-slinging in recent weeks, Radar Online was the first to take the opportunity to drag up nude photos that they allege are of Melania Knauss and publish them with the query: "Which of The Donald's many "friends" possesses the lesbian know-how, killer bod, and romantic cunning needed to seduce Rosie's lady lover, Kelli?"

    At the time, Radar reported that they had received word from the Donald that the shots were not of Melania. Sure, if plastic surgery can create a new person! ........ what do you think ?

    CLICK HERE to check out Melania in all her naked glory! NSFW[​IMG]
  2. Can this woman not open her eyes all the way? Why is she always squinting? Or is that supposed to be sexy? :s
  3. I know! She's like that in EVERY picture! The squint plus the slightly open pouty mouth.....ok Melania, you're pretty but not NEARLY as hot as you think!
  4. She does always have that look on - she is really pretty though.
  5. I'd think she was much prettier as a man dressing up as a woman, than herself as a woman. I wonder if those photo's are real.
  6. It doesn't look like her to me.
    I think Melania's gorgeous though.
  7. They may be squinting because of all the camera flashes.

    Is it just me, or does Melania look a bit like Donald? :shrugs: A female, younger, slimmer, prettier Donald, of course.

    The narrow eyes, the full lips, the long nose, the large gap between the bottom of the nose and the mouth...

    BTW, I think that could easily be her, when she was younger. If that was me, I'd sue the surgeon that gave me those weirdly angular shaped boobs.
  8. I don't know if that's really her. I also don't think she's pretty.
  9. It may be an effect of all that plastic surgery!
  10. Prada's you always have the best threads in the Celebrity section!!! :p
  11. I don't think those pics are of Melania. Great imposter though.

    I think Melania, the real one, not the fake one, is beautiful. She just has bad taste in men. I don't care how much money the Donald has, I would not sleep with him in a million years. And after a million years is up, I still wouldn't do it!

  12. :nuts: There you are !!! one of my favourite Avatar's :yahoo:
  13. These photos are NOT real,they are photoshooped and very bad at that.
    I am from the same country as she is and this was in papers here years ago and it was proven tha they are fake.
    Melania is a stunning woman and she has beautiful eyes(imo).Her mother has the same eyes and while she was modeling here she was called a catwoman because of her eyes.
  14. totally agree
  15. LMAO! :nuts: :roflmfao: