The batignolles club!

  1. Ok, someone started a speedy club, lets see who belongs to the batignolles club!!! Regular, horizontal and vertical welcome!!:love:
  2. I'm in! I have a Horizontal.
  3. regular!!
  4. Another regular here! I love it and it was my first LV purchase! :love: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  5. Horizontal! It started my LV obsession!
  6. :love: :love: LOVE IT:love: light as a feather and roomy too!!!
  7. Count me in !
  8. BV here! Haven't used it yet though.
  9. You "Bat" girls need to post pics so us Speedy lovers can see if the grass is greener on the other side lol :idea:
  10. Horizontal!
  11. I have a horizontal!:love:

    I love my bag!!!!

  12. Horizontal here too! Although I am a member of the Speedy club as em both!
  13. Vertical..!! :love:
  14. I get to join this one too!
    I have the Horizontal :smile:
  15. I have a Horizontal.
    (a Speedy too, I adore them both)