The Bat & The Plat my early bday!

  1. I just got back from a week of staying in Columbus and Chicago and besides pigging out on the food and acting like a tourist, I also took my DH by the Louis Vuitton store in Chicago to hinthinthint ( point out) what I wanted for my birthday next month.

    BTW Columbus and Chicago people I really enjoyed both your cities, I was impressed by both...even if I never ever ever want to drive in downtown Chicago!

    I went there to show off the Damier Saleya, but he said he hated the Damier print :amazed::sad: so I tried on the Speedy (which I think a 27.5 would be perfect on me :lol:), the Popincort Haut, and the Bat Vertical... but it all came down to this:

    Isn't she a beaut?

    Sadly I couldn't take home a gift box, but I did get cute bags! The Bh was my airport carry-on and what a workhorse it is!

    What was stuck inside it

    I also picked up for myself the Orange Perf plat:


    I bought it as something I could just shove misc items in or stick my cles/phone/lipgloss and quickly transfer it from bag to bag. I love it!

    The misc stuff inside it

    :love: My DH even carried her when I got tired at the Science Center in Chicago. LOL It almost makes a great guy bag, too. Almost!
  2. Congrats! Glad you got some great stuff here in our fine town-- sorry the weather was so bad this week.
  3. Congrats on your great purchases! Your pics are really good too.
  4. enjoy your new purchases!
    i didn't know you could fit that much into the plat
    i know what you mean by a speedy 27.5 being perfect for you. i feel the same too
  5. Great choices! Congrats!
  6. Chigirl LOL I was actually kind of happy about that. I had an excuse to go out and buy myself a new coat! The LV store was really great, pretty relaxed atmosphere and very busy and no pressure.

    It was great seeing all the people lined up to pay and they all were carrying their LV bags!
  7. Thank you! :flowers: Yeah! I think I could shove in a lot more, actually. :lol:
    I'm so glad there's another person out there who'd want the 27.5! I felt a little like Glodilocks with the 25 and 30. :shame:
  8. Well then, I am not sorry. Yeah for bad Chicago weather! Anyway, I just went to the LV store downtown for the first time (I usually go to the one in the 'burbs if I go) and I thought that the people were really nice too. Must be the Midwest thing.
  9. Great choice! :heart: Congrats. You take great pictures, too :smile:
  10. THOSE ARE GREAT BUYS!!!:love: CONGRATS!!! And I agree with Cristina, you DO take great pics!!!
  11. Awww thank you Cristina, Coldplaylover, lavie, Irene!

    As fayden says, it's all in the lighting!
  12. Great buys! Congrats!!
  13. Congrats! Lovely pieces :yes:
  14. What A Nice Time....Your Husband Is So Sweet! What Fabulous Purchases!!!
  15. Great stuff!!! Glad you had such a successful trip!!!!!