1. I would contribute, but I have the same bag as you Lj and you did such a great job of showing it off!!!
  2. But I don't have it anymore Frugal. So now you're the only one I know with the Marine Blue XL. Let's see some pics. :yes:
  3. My L single in grey
    The colour is like a lilac/mauve/grey depending on the light

    The only thing I'm iffy about is the colour, black looked too mature on me :[
    Keeping it though because it's my first MJ and I got it for a great price!

  4. I love this this bag today in the beige/white large, and I love it. Reminds me of the classic Chanel flap.
  5. Hello lovely ladies, I just want to ask you if there is enough space in XL baroque bag for A4 documents? I know the measurements so it should be but i want to be sure :smile:

    Thanks a lot!
  6. Yes the strap works like the Chanel flaps :]
    Its sooo handy when I have my hands full, and it looks really cute and casual when you wear it crossbody!
  7. Sorry for the bad lighting! My grey L

  8. I am very happy to join this *community* with my XL Baroque Single in Metallic Silver
    Marc Jacobs Baroque 002-800.jpg
  9. It is a beautiful bag, Marie! Congrats!
  10. I'm so excited! I just paid for the XL in off white. The bag should arrive within a few days time. I'm so excited! I'll post pic when I get the bag :smile:

    All Baroque singles are so beautiful :loveeyes::love:
  11. Love seeing these beautiful baroque bags in other than stock photos, i think the stock photos don't do them justice.
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    Here is my Large Baroque. The colour looks a bit silvery in the photo but it's actually a shimmery bronze. It's the perfect bag for day or night and it's so comfy to wear as well!
  13. Hi Ladies! Recently, I purchased my first MJ-- the regular large single. I am starting to wish that I had the baroque single (large). It is quite a bit more expensive, and I definitely don't need both. I like the leather on the regular single, but the double straps on the baroque (and the functional clasp) are really nice. Should I exchange? I know it is my decision, but still... I'd like input, opinions, thoughts, etc.

    Thanks in advance!!!
  14. Hi there! Welcome to TPF! I don't have a large single YET, but I do have a Baroque. I really like the Baroque style and find it to be quite functional (the chain for the double strap can actually slide through to make it a cross body). With that being said, I understand what you mean about the price difference, which is why my next bag will likely be a single instead of a Baroque. I only carry these 'smaller' bags (I'm one of those people who likes giant bags) when I'm going out somewhere nice or to dinner. As such, I don't want to spend a $$$$ on an occasional bag.

    What I would suggest to you is looking at how much you will use either bag and which one you REALLY want. If you will carry the bag often, then I think buying the bag you REALLY REALLY want is best. Otherwise you will end up buying it later or lusting after it and regretting your other purchase. If you are only going to use it on occasion, then I would definitely use price as one of your deciding factors (but not the only one).

    I hope this helps! Enjoy whichever bag you choose!