The Barkers-Splitsville?

  1. I guess Travis has a problem with Shayna partying too much and not being mommy of the year.
  2. What?
    DO you have a story link or anything?
  3. has something on it.
  4. Apparently Shayna was a VIP guest at some club in Vegas and Travis showed up and poured his drink over her head and kept walking!
  5. Yikes....
  6. that doesn't = divorce though{?} . . .
    no links?
    I'll look. . . . interesting!
  7. Blech, I think Shayna is so trashy :yucky: Travis, however, is hot :heart: mohawks :heart:
  8. I just searched and searched. . . can't find a thing :sad:
  9. I saw the show, it looked as if they were in love.
    I am suprised.
  10. There was a rumor about the separation a while back. I don't think it's true though.
  11. I hope that isn't true!! I love them as a couple. Swank, keep searching for a link (when you are bored of course). Maybe it is just a rumor
  12. There might be trouble in the MTV world of Travis Barker and his Playmate wife, Shanna Moakler ("Meet the Barkers").

    Tuesday night in Las Vegas, celeb agent Mike Esterman had Shanna booked as a VIP guest host for the PURE club at Caesars.

    So Shanna shows up about midnight and is hanging around the VIP area (aka hosting) with her gal pals when her husband and his pals show up about 1:30 a.m.

    According to a source, Travis threw a drink at Shanna and he and his buds poured champagne over her before walking away.

    Speculation is that jealousy is the reason for the dust-up as Shanna's climb up the celebrity ladder may be rubbing Travis the wrong way. Did he think he'd married a stay-at-home wife?

    Not one to let a drink in the face ruin her evening, Shanna danced the night away at PURE, perhaps just a little wetter and stickier than she might have been.
  13. There's your proof. Just google Travis Barker marriage trouble and you'll find lots of sites with this in
  14. I'm on my DHs laptop, he doesn't have the nifty Google toolbar my PC has. I used Yahoo and searched "travis Barker, Vegas" and a few others. .. .
    hmm, sounds like a lover's spat, but could be nothing!
    I hate to hear of any marriage dissolving :sad:
  15. Well I've seen the show and from what it shows she really won't be winning any prizes for mom of the year...all she does is sleep in late and whine. Course I've seen him be rude to her for no reason..(it happens...people get irritable) But they always show him hanging out with the kids. I dunno I used to like them both and now I really don't like either of them.