The Barkers Are Dunzo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Nick & Jess, Carmen & Dave and now Travis & Shanna!

    The couple that fights together....well, they break up.

    Amidst a series of very public fights - including at least one incident where drinks were thrown in the face - Meet The Barkers stars Travis Barker and his wife Shanna Moakler are going their separate ways.

    The former Blink 182 drummer filed for divorce today in Los Angeles.

    Hey, Carmen Electra is available!
  2. Damn! I thought they would make it!

    Too bad they made such a cute couple.
  3. I could tell that was coming........
  4. She treated her kids like crap and was totally self-absorbed!
  5. I only saw a few snippets of that show, but she seemed pretty awful from what I did see.
  6. I can't say I am surprised. I have heard rumors for a while about them being on the rocks.:sad:
  7. the key to a successful celebrity marriage >> don't sign a contract with mtv.
  8. They're one of my favorite celebrity couples. I'm really sad they couldn't make it, especially with their young kids. I didn't think she was 'awful', on the show...she seemed to play with her kids...?
  9. Good Point. Its does seem that way jinhee :lol:
  10. So true! =)
  11. Damnit... I loved them!!!! I didn't really love her... but I loved Travis... he was so sweet. Ughh...
  12. I really don't think these people work hard enough at their marriages. what is the record for these couples? 3 years? thats nothing!
  13. She was SO lazy, or they at least edited her that way. She just annoyed me going braless all the time. He was so sweet to her. I wonder what happened.
  14. She was probably awful to live with after that show went off. I'm pretty sure wanted her career to skyrocket like Jessica Simpson's did. However, I never liked her. I couldn't stand that show.
  15. Omg!!:wtf: is it true!!poor 3children why are they seperate??????
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