The "BARGAIN" rush!

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  1. I swear that has got to be one of the most addicting feelings in the world...when you find an awesome purchase at slashed prices..what could be better?!?! :nuts: I was purusing PF and someone mentioned a Lauren Merkin tote, which I thought was cute, decided to look into it, and 20 minutes later, the smaller version in on it's way to my door :shame: . This place is BAD BAD BAD for my wallet. Anyway, the point of my story is I bought the smaller Lauren Merkin Plum in chocolate AND a moyna clutch $279!!!!! Both were on sale, original prices were

    LM - $395
    Moyna - $230

    What a steal!!! :love: I LOVE SALES!!! I love finding deals and am just a little giddy right now!

    I got it at Fengjunk has free shipping and 15% off with the code Stylebakery! They have some cute stuff in their bargain bin right now, including my two purchases.

    Anyway, I was just super excited and wanted to share:P

    (the pic on the model is from Shopbop, the other two are from fengjunk)
    lmplumchoc.jpg moyna.jpg lmplummodel.jpg
  2. Yay! Congratulations! I must have bad luck, I never run into a good sale :/ Cute clutch!
  3. Congratulations! I love a good deal, too. The clutch is to die for!
  4. OOh, agreed with INtl, I"m loving that clutch...and thinking I could use it for upcoming weddings...but I just have no $ now...but hope you enjoy it! Post pictures when you get them!
  5. I love the clutch too- it's so unique.
  6. I love them!
  7. thanks! i've ben eyeing moyna clutches for awhile, but they're alawys around $200 and up, which I balked at paying. So when I found this one, I snatched it up! I'm hoping to be able to use it for my wedding. My dress is ivory with some pearls and a touch of coppery gold embroidery, so we'll see how the color goes.