The "bandana" line? How did I miss this?

  1. I know we are going into Winter and all, but I snagged a makeup case like this on Ebay for $19.99 This pattern is soo cute. But I can't find anything else like bagwise. Did they make a bunch of stuff in this pattern? Because all I'm seeing is the cosmetic case and a little tiny bag, that they still call a cosmetic case. This line is totally cute, was it limited? Thanks guys. I need to come to coach forum more often:seBay: Coach Bandana Zip Top Cosmetic Bag 1525 NWT (item 230040990598 end time Oct-26-06 22:36:25 PDT)
  2. They made a pouch and a pencil case.
  3. Oh ok , thanks noshoepolish (cute username) oh then I'll just enjoy my makeup case:upsidedown:
  4. i thought it was just outlet only?? i have never seen it at the stores, but they had several at the outet of the cosmetic cases and pouches. i think i remember seeing some other size cases, but it may not have been this exact print.
  5. I only saw it in outlets.
  6. 19.99 is a good deal, i've been trying to find a cosmetic case for that much. They are very cute.
  7. I have this & love it. It so easy to clean b/c it's like laminated so just wipe off any dirt w/ water. congrats you will love it!
  8. Yeah it was only outlets. I bought a fake one online by accident, but it is no longer mine...the line is really cute!
  9. I'm pretty sure it was an outlet only release, but I could be wrong.
  10. I would bet they might come back out in the Spring. They revived them this past Spring...
  11. gRrr

    i love this one!

    it's actually an international exclusive, haven't seen it in outlets but i have seen it in a (then new now old) japanese magazine called JJ with a little booklet section just on coach (b/c we all know japanese pple are crazy over coach)

    and that was in it

    lucky find!