The Ban is Broken...On My Way to Chicago...

  1. Yea...I can't make it. I did really good...but I can't survive the last 20 days. Sorry gals:crybaby:
    On the bright about 15 minutes I am off to Chicago and hopefully will have some brown bags (well at least one) coming home with me!

    Hubby wants pillows and I get a purse :roflmfao: So I'll be bringin home pillows and a Louis! MMMM and some Chicago deep dish pizza....gosh I love the city!

    I may end up visitn gboth LV stores on Michigan Ave...because I want to see the Dentelle and my Saks might not have it in yet.

    Not sure what I might come home with....maybe the popincourt haut on my list....or maybe a bunch of smaller things :smile:

    I will also be peering through the look book, and will inquire about the pocket square hearts :smile:

    Cya all in about 6-7 hours!
  2. Have fun girl! Can't wait to see the pix of your 'souvenir' :graucho:
  3. oooh... have fun on your trip twiggers!
  4. Have fun!
  5. Have fun! Chicago is such a great city!
  6. Have fun see you in 7 hours - lol
  7. Have fun, Twiggers. Don't shop too much.:graucho:
  8. Can't wait to see what you got--
    If you do a lot of damage, use the pillows you buy for DH to cushion his fall when you show him your loot! :nuts:
    I hope you get the PH--love this cute bag--just got it myself and can't wait to use it!
  9. enjoy! i am very much so looking forward to your posts!
  10. Can't wait to see what you get!
  11. Can't wait to hear from you!!! Enjoy your trip to LV!! Bring home lots of brown bags!!!!! And don't forget your DH's pillows. LOL
  12. Have fun.
  13. what a great day out, can't wait for your update! have fun!
  14. :yahoo:Yes, Come here to shop:yahoo:
  15. twiggers, 20 days is VERY impressive! ;)