The Bambinone is one strange bag!

  1. I am currently using my Lamore Bambinone and it's making me quite uncomfortable! I am used to larger bags, just switched from the Gioco last week. And before that I was carrying my Campeggio. The thing about Bambinone is that it's not really mid size, not really small either.

    When I carry it across my body, the bag kinda like *POPS* out. So, I switched and try carrying it on my shoulder. The straps are too long and it's hanging like loose skin. Frankly, I don't like it at all. :sad:

    It's hard to take things out from the zipper, and had a hard time *yanking* my wallet out today to pay for my Frap..the people behind me are loosing their patience.

    I think I'll switch back to my Campeggio .... and the Gioco, looks absolutely deflated when there isn't much to carry. *Sigh* I don't know but the bags aren't working for me at the moment, except for my Ciao Ciao and Campeggio.
  2. hehe, i like wearing it on my shoulder.. that and the stellina are like my only non-armpit bags. so i kinda like the distance :] i've never had probs with the zipper. just tend to forget which side i put whatever in..

    what i do (cause i saw it on someone's flickr) is slide the metal adjuster up to one of the rivets so it stays in place. i was kinda thinking of getting a big safety pin to shorten the strap but i dunno if it would stay in place.
  3. Yeah I am so scared I am not going to like my bambinone.... I really dont think I will... *sigh* I can always sell it and stalk eBay for a bigger bag with OP... I never liked the Gioco either... I tried one on in a store and it felt weird. I tried one empty and one stuffed with paper and I just didnt like either... Because when it is stuffed it like your carry a bunch of loafs of bread under your arm and when it empty it just looks like a deflated balloon... I wished I liked it because I could have gotten an OP Gioco but passed... Well maybe you're just having a bad bag day... :shrugs:
  4. I wish the straps can be shorten a wee bit more, so that the bag rest just below my armpit .. tht'll be awsome.
  5. Haha .. tht cracks me up but it's TRUE! The silliest thing I did when carrying the Gioco was stuffing two T-Shirts on either side so it won't look deflated! :idea:
  6. hehe :upsidedown:...
  7. I love the length of the Bambinone as a shoulder bag!
  8. It pops out? Like... a big tumor on your hip? D: I hope not... I'm gonna try and get one in pirata from SH at the beginning of July. Hopefully I don't hate it D:
  9. I have to admit, I am not 100% thrilled with my bambinone, but it was my first bag, and in Pirata, which I love. My zipper gets the lining stuck in it on one side, and I forget what is in which pocket. And I wish I could also make the strap shorter. But sometimes I do love using it. I guess it depends on what mood I am in! I do think it is a little small for all the junk I carry daily. I love my Corriere and Gioco!
  10. Wow. D: Sounds like one evil bag! And I was gonna get one, too, but everything you mentioned is the EXACT reason I am afraid of them! Getting the Ciao Ciao then. 8D
  11. OK, now you guys are scaring me about the style. Maybe I should change my pre-ordered Vacanze to something else O__O
  12. I :heart: this bag actually. It was my first tokidoki (foresta bambinone) and it worked really well for me. I've always liked messenger style bags so across the body was nice I think I also rest my hand on it so I've never thought of it as protruding. The zippers are fine IMO... I personally hold the end of the bag or one of the straps take two zippers in one had and slide it down if I need to check both pockets. I usually keep nonessentials (ie. make-up, check book, etc) in the zipper closest to me since I won't open it often and my denaro and other stuff I'll use in the farther pocket. :smile:

    I really do :love: the bambinone style tho!
  13. ahhh i think i need to see one IRL again to make a decision hahaha it's funny, alot of people think it's weird and alot like it ..
  14. lol... it's starting to sound like a second gioco! :lol:

    I've actually had the zipper problem in the past but holding it at one end helps... it only occurs when it's either too full and the zipper hits the side of the bag (because it's bulky) or when it isn't straight so the zipper sags and gets stuck on the inside lining. It should happen w/ most bags that lack a little structure like I said tho both easily avoidable if you just hold one end of the bag straight while u pull and TA-DA no zipper problem!

    I admit tho... sometimes I wish the strap was shorter so I could wear it over one arm... as it is I always wear it across body since the strap is too long/thick for a shoulder bag
  15. had same problem too long one way too short to feel comfy (to me) the other...had two and sold one, trying to sell my other and reminding myself it's a cute bag style but not for me!