The Balm cosmetics

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  1. i have seen many reviews on this brand for this lipsticks/gloss and blush.
    Where can I buy these in-store ?? and what are your favorite products from this line ?
  2. The balm has some really good products. There most cult product is the highlighter in Mary Lou maniser, it is gorgeous! I also have their frat boy blush which is a beautiful peachy pink and highly pigmented. I don't own their lip products but I have been eyeing their liquid lipstick. The Betty Lou maniser is a very nice bronzer! So far I have been impressed with their blushes, bronzers and highlighters.
  3. Mary Lou Manizer is a favorite of mine too.
  4. I really like the Frat Boy blush as well! I have some of their eye shadows but they're not super awesome... not bad... but there are better ones out on the market.

    You can buy this brand at Kohl's and it's on Hautelook quite a lot as well for discounted prices.
  5. I have Betty Loumanizer and Hot Mama blush
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  6. they are so darn cute that i could not leave them in the store
    i bought my haul in a drug store in nyc
    its either duane reade or rite-aid not quite sure
    any bigger drug store carry cosmetic lines should have them
  7. I'm in Canada so I'm not sure if this helps, but I have found The Balm in some higher end drugstores.
  8. HauteLook features The Balm several times a year (it's actually on there now). All items are usually 1/2 priced. I always wait and buy anything I need at that time.
  9. The lipstick - committed by the balm used to be one of my all time faves
    (Until i tried the dupe version (nyx Athens)

    The balm is a very reputable brand, but there's so many products that are cheaper and gives the exact same result. Their famous highlighter has plenty of dupes, their lipsticks has so many dupes by colourpop, nyx, w7 etc
  10. I love love love TheBalm!!! They have a great foundation, TimeBalm. Their primer in the pink container is great, and even better when you mix a little bit with the foundation and apply with a beauty blender. Their highlighter Mary Lou and Betty-Lou bronzer is amazing. Highlighter is my favorite. I believe I found mine on overstock for 1/2 the price and I was very pleased with my purchase! You can get a trio pack of the highlight, blush and bronzer in one. I love it and it's great for traveling with. Can't beat the prices on overstock either. :smile:
  11. I got the bronzer and highlighter on Groupon really cheap recently.
  12. Thebalm is my fave brand! I just cant hold myself whenever they launching cheek product
    So far i had downboy, fratboy for blush
    Bahama mama for contouring
    These are quite pigmented and last me whole year and i haven't even hitting pan yet

    Their lipgloss- i forgot the exact name but i like it since its non-sticky unlike mac or milani.color is quite pigmented as well

    And i got myself their time balm concealer that is in round pot, but i haven't managed to try it on so i couldn't commented on it

    Hearing good stuff too about their e/s palette but i suck at eye makeup so i haven't buy any of their eye products