The Balenicaga favourite signature jeans

  1. What is your favourite jean? Fits really good ~ Would love to hear everyone's choice ~ would love to get your opinions and the top one is what I am going to try ~ I am 5'4 and right now a size 12 ~
    Linda Marie

    Needs Help!!!!!!:hysteric:
  2. Denim is one of my favorite brands:
    -Rock & Republic (good fit for straight-shaped girl, their jeans have a huge waist)
    -SFAM (love especially the A pocket style,great booty jeans)
    -Diesel (love their styles, lots of hot skinnies...)
  3. What kind /style are you especially looking for? Bootcut, skinny? dark or light or medium wash?Stretch or rigid? Do you like low-rise or prefer medium-rise? If you give more information, I can suggest you some styles you might like...
  4. I really like AG, they tend to be flattering on most body types and have just the right amount of stretch. J brand are nice for skinny jeans. And APC jeans are old-school denim chic - cardboard-stiff at first, but mold to your body and wear beautifully. Breaking them in is a labor of love, though :p
  5. We cowgirls wear Wrangler 20X - with heavy starch! :yes:

  6. I love it!:wlae:
  7. J brand, sass & bide, true religion, james jeans, seven and top shop :heart: :heart:
  8. my top favorite jeans are raven denim by raven tailored...sold at intermix dont know where else...other than that have several true religions joey & sammy, seven A pocket, rock and republic different styles, and COH fayes... about to give into the skinny jean craze and get some j brand and imitation denim skinnies....tell us what ur looking for
  9. the only jeans that i can find that fit me right are from old navy, of all places! i have NO hips or ass, i go STRAIGHT down, and their skinny jeans fit me correctly everywhere. mostly things are too tight in the waist if they fit in the hip and butt, or vice versa. my body type is much more difficult to fit than any of my friends. i'd rather gain weight in my hips!