The Balenciaga Papier

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  1. Please post any photos you have of your Balenciaga Papier, including the year, size, color, price for reference!

    This is a picture only thread.... NO CHATTER! Thank you!
  2. This is my new baby. Just got her hours ago. I can't wait to bring her out!!

    Papier A4 Zip Around in black.. it's selling sgd$2430 in Singapore :hbeat:

    Hope to see more Papier lovelies here!!!!

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  3. My Python baby and matching wallet...

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    Papier A4 with a Samorga purse liner inside :smile:

  5. Hi, congratulation for your new bag. I have question : is your bag handle big enough to be worn on the shoulder ?
    Thanks !
  6. Yes it can be worn on shoulder. :smile:
  7. Mini Papier Zip Around


  8. Papier Zip Bucket in Blue



    13" height x 15.75" width x 7.5" depth (approximately)
    23.5" maximum strap drop (approximately)

    Retail at Nathalie Schuterman , Stockholm, Sweden Sek 10998 ( about $ 1300 )
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  9. My chocolate brown A3
    Leather is just amazing! so thick and smooth, and handles are long enough to carry it over the shoulder, and it's bottomless!

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  10. 2013 Papier Drop Bucket

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  11. Papier Hobo

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  12. Papier Milky Way Messenger

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  13. Papier Flap

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  14. Papier A5 Zip Around

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  15. Papier Plate Bucket & Papaier Milky Way Wallet

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