The Balenciaga Matelasse Bags

  1. Please post any photos you have of your Balenciaga Matelasse Bags, including the year, size, color, price for reference!

    This is a picture only thread.... NO CHATTER! Thank you!
  2. [​IMG]

    French Blue SS07 Matelasse Medium
  3. Spring/Summer 2007 French Blue Matelasse in the medium size. $1865 from Balenciaga, NY. Group photos for size referances.
    05-04-07024.jpg 05-04-07031.jpg 05-16-07013-1.jpg 05-04-07102.jpg 05-04-07068.jpg
  4. SS07 Black Large Matelassé
  5. 2007 Aquamarine Matelasse
    Todays purchases 05162007 001.jpg Todays purchases 05162007 002.jpg
  6. S/S '07 Sandstone w/silver hardware
    Quilted Argyle.jpg
  7. 07 Plomb w/silver hw
    Plomb.JPG Plomb 1.JPG Plomb 2.JPG
  8. Here is my new matelasse bag, it's quite unusual, it's a Blue roi, so it's a 2006 bag i don't know misures at the moment but i'll be back soon posting them. you can see me modeling with it to have an idea, i'm 5'10''
    numbers in the back of the tag:168029.002058

    DSCN3046.JPG DSCN3054.JPG DSCN3056.JPG

    DSCN3060.JPG DSCN3057.JPG
  9. ^^ my medium '07 plomb/steel :cutesy:

    DSCF8151 REV.jpg DSCF8164 REV.jpg DSCF8197 REV.jpg DSCF8200 REV.jpg DSCF8207 REV.jpg
  10. 08 Bubblegum Pink Mini Matelasse:yes:
  11. Mini Matelasse in Ivory:
  12. Medium Black Matelasse
    IMG_1154.JPG IMG_1161.JPG
    IMG_1163.JPG IMG_1167.JPG
  13. matelasse, jaune 07
    P9130023 (Small).JPG
  14. matelasse aquamarine 07 Large
    PA050048 (Small) (2).JPG
  15. 2007 Sienna mini Matelasse