The Balenciaga Bowling, Mini Bowling, and Metro

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  1. #1 Jun 1, 2007
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 11, 2009
    Please post any photos you have of your Balenciaga Bowling/Mini Bowling/Metro, including the year, size, color, price for reference!

    This is a picture only thread.... NO CHATTER! Thank you!
  2. MINI-BOWLING 163259 $1075
    11"h x 12"w x 2.5"d

    2006 Pre-Fall - Bleu Roi (Blueberry)


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  3. My newest addition. 06 Grenat Mini Bowling. Sale at NM $720 +tax

    2007 S/S
    Neutral (i am not quite sure the exact colour)
    Sale price UK £ 310

    bowling1.jpg bowling2.jpg
  5. Black Mini-Bowling purchased April 2007.
    bbag_minib_front1.JPG bbag_minib_back.JPG
  6. Blue India Bowling 2006

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  7. 2006 Truffle Bowling

  8. 2008 Holiday Edition Black Patent Bowling :

  9. 2006 Black Mini Bowling

  10. Just got my hands on the Balenciaga Street (Bowler) in this season's Noix.

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  11. Fresh from box - 2009 Raisin Metro, GBP995

  12. 2009

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  13. image-560828116.jpg

    Polly MSGH in Gris Tarmac 2012