The Bal Seau

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  1. I've searched on here and tried to find some references, but not having much luck.

    Can anyone tell me more about the Seau style? Is it still made? discontinued? Any pictures of anybody wearing one? Tpf members or just pictures found from Google.

    I've looked on Google myself and can't find one modeling shot of how it looks on the arm or in the hand.

  2. Dont know much about them, other than that they are not made any more and I think the closest style would be a Day, which I believe is larger than a Seau.
  3. My local store still has them - it's shaped more like a midday actually - but made to have a longer handle drop for the shoulder.

    Pretty sure it's discontinued though!
  4. Thank you both for ur responses!
  5. I thought I would update this thread I started with pictures of a bubblegum pink Seau I purchased because there should be more reference for anybody in the future who finds a Seau or wants one, lol.:biggrin:

    I like this style personally, even if it is a bucket type. It slouches a lot on the shoulder, and is more hobo'ish to me than an actual bucket. It's like a never ending Mary Poppins bag that you can fill with so much. :lol:

    I struggled to find info on this bag so here are some quick photos for anybody who wants to see what the Seau style is!

  6. It is super cute, I love the wide band of leather at the top and the bottom. Makes me want to pack her up, rent a convertible and throw some Bal sunnies on the both of us! :cool:
  7. OH Wow! The first time I see this style, it's longer than the Day. The color is very pretty.
  8. That is GORGEOUS!!! Looks like a pink marshmallow, delicious.

    I think I have seen this style once in Beige on eBay (pre-loved) and could not figure out what style it was. Now I know - and I love it!
  9. Very nice! Congratulations! The sweet pink looks great with GSH.

    I've only seen the floral print + green version, which leaves much to be desired for. I remember it being more like a Day, which was why I was puzzled why another tPFer described it as more like a Midday. :shrugs:

    BTW, is there a zip across the top or is it open?
  10. Ty lovehandbags, lvholic, skyblue!:smile:
  11. Thanks!:smile::smile:

    There's no zip on top which concerned me at first but the bag slouches together when worn and acts as tho there would be magnets on each side (even tho there isn't)
  12. Wow! I'd never even heard of this style - it truely is a beautiful bag! Fantastic colour.
  13. thank you!:smile:

    i also never heard of this style i until i bought one on ebay- i thought it was a day at first by some of the pictures that were put up and was excited just to have pink with giant hardware.

    then i later noticed it was a Seau and i was all, "what is a Seau.. oh crap. what did i buy??" hah.. but i like it:biggrin: