The bal beautiful bracelet club...


May 1, 2015
I was wondering if anyone can comment on the thickness of the leather of the bracelets please? Do others find that the leather varies a bit in thickness?

All 3 of my bracelets are giant hardware.The last bracelet I got was pre-loved in excellent condition from a reliable seller, the classic wide bracelet with GSH black leather, but the leather seems to be thinner than the other 2 that I bought new. It looks exactly like the gris aluminum from Neiman Marcus, when I hold them together they are identical in appearance and size (same stamp, details exactly, the cut and the stitching) except the leather is 3/4 the thickness. The new ones I bought seem like they are doubled leather almost. I prefer the thicker leather, but have to decide to return it tomorrow or not. TIA!:smile: (I imagine that the leather must vary a bit even on the bracelets as it does on the bags?)

probably not helpful here is the link to the bracelet.