The bags of Nefariousmuze

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  1. Ok I'm LOVING this thread! So many gorgeous bags out there!!!

    Here's a few of mine - will update as I get time :smile: LisaNO090.jpg








    partynight3 001.jpg
  2. love the wallets
  3. LOVE!! Oh how wonderful SHOES as well :biggrin:

    Could I ask you, how much is the kelly and the birkin? and do you know how much the bigger (32cm) birkin is? Just wondering if I could consider a Hermes....or not :smile:
  4. gorgeous collection, love the first birkin! :love:
  5. your hermes collection is fabulous!! thanks for sharing them
  6. Gorgeous collection, I especially love the JPG birkin ! :biggrin:
  7. I love the Birkin and Kelly!

    The black box Kelly is so elegant and timeless! :love:
  8. ya.. the shoes are tdf. ;)
  9. :heart: the bags, :heart: the shoe:yes: and welcome to the pf
  10. The JPG birkin :heart: Also adore your Hermès wallets!
  11. Awesome collection! I just love your JPG Birkin... that is my dreambag :heart:
  12. wow, Birkin... so lovely
  13. loooooooooooove ur birkin ..
    thanx for sharing
  14. Gorgeous!!
  15. Love your Hermes! Beautiful Kellys!
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