The Bags of 2007 according to WWD!

  1. Thought this was interesting,specially that H is last on the list,imo it should be at least in the top 5!:push:

  2. Thank you for sharing lime. :flowers: I think it ranks on the 12 because of its price??
  3. This can be interpreted in many ways - without seeing the actual questionaire, you can't really tell what they are measuring. Perhaps since Coach is more prevalent maybe it is more familiar, where Hermes, not being something you see everyday is not as familiar.
  4. i love that it's ranked so "low". exclusivity.
  5. I Am Thrilled That It Didn't Rank High As A Brand Consumers Are Familiar With!!!!!
  6. I am not sure,i mean they say,
    Surely H is more recognazible brand than Coach,Kate Spade,Dooney&Bourke among consumers?:weird:

    And you are welcome i thought it would be interesting to post.:amuse:
  7. The CN Portfolio blog's take was:

    "The list is of the most recognizable bags, which sort of implies the higher a brand on the list, the less desirable for really rich people. So it could be read as a list of bag brands that are on the way out. "
  8. That Makes A Lot Of Sense:yes:
  9. errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I can't believe Coach and D&B are consisdered "luxury handbags." I mean, I would consider them "better handbags" but, luxury is a whole different catagory. IMO.
  10. ^^Hahah exactly!
  11. Than i definietly agree with the list.:sneaky::whistle::lol:
  12. Exactly!! chanel blonde.
  13. I completely agree :yes:
  14. "The top 12 handbag brands ranked by familiarity among luxury consumers."

    The list is only to show which bags "luxury consumers" are most familiar with. Coach is in so many department stores across the country that people have a lot more exposure to the brand. They have outlet stores in popular outlet malls. So it doesn't at all surprise me that this is a brand people are familiar with. Gosh, it's even on QVC. So it gets a ton of exposure. This applies to Dooney & Bourke, also. Kate Spade is in a lot of department stores in medium-sized cities, also.

    Hermès boutiques are only in larger cities, so there are a lot of people who have no opportunity to be exposed to H. They don't advertise their bags and I really love the fact that their bags and products in general are not "hyped".

    Coach (and D&B also) has really done an amazing job of marketing their products and creating a brand that people think of as "luxury".
  15. I agree that while Coach and D&B are "nice" bags and are nicer than the average handbag, they will NEVER compare to Chanel and Hermes. They are an affordable option.