The bags in my closet-Gucci, PS, Bal, Celine etc & my current love affair with Chanel

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    Hi dear fellow purse lovers! I am reorganizing the stuff in my closet so I figured this would be a good opportunity for me to snap some photos of my bags!
    Thanks so much for letting me share and for dropping by! Please be patient as I have not taken photos of all my Chanel bags yet but will do so in a timely fashion!
  2. First I'd like to show my most prized possession. It's a no brand bag though handed down to me by my mom. This one must be 30+ years old but still looking brand spanking new!

    This used to be hidden in a dustbag at a corner in my closet but I have decided to display it prominently now on the shelf! This way, everyday I walk into my little closet to change, I will see this bag and make me think of my dear mom.

    Black alligator envelope clutch
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  3. Next up I will pay tribute to the bags that are no longer with me. I loved them dearly but they have all found new homes!
  4. Chloe large Marcie animation hobo in mahogany

    I love Chloe leather and this is a beautiful neutral color. However, it is a tad too big for me and I feel the pocket actually distracts a little bit from the aesthetics of the Marcie hobo. I've seen how beautiful the bag can drape but due to the pocket, this one doesn't.
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  5. Another Chloe that I have let go. This is the Paraty in medium size lychee color.

    I loved this pink. It is a dark dusty pink which is a great neutral. The design is really special and the leather is amazing. However I found the opening to be a tad small to my liking and I didn't really like the strap that sort of gets in the way when you are hand carrying the bag.
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    The last bag that I've let go so far is still on her way to the new owner-a lovely TPF'er. It is a stunning gorgeous bag and I let her go after much back and forth. I'd never actually used the bag because it looks a bit bulky on me I think and the bright color is such an attention grabber! I kept thinking I would use her down the road but ultimately, I realized there is no point keeping her as a closet ornament.

    Chanel 12A red iridescent (soft) caviar Timeless Classic flap in jumbo size with silver hardware
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  7. Ok I also want to show you some of the bags I used when I was younger-in my teens and 20s. I feel like my bags should be divided into pre TPF and post. As you will see, and I'm sure many of us have found, the number of bags and the amount of money I spend on bags have exploded ever since I found this online community of like minded shopaholics!
  8. I don't use these bags anymore but I love the details!

    This little one is suede with fur and embroidery from China-a souvenir from one of my aunts 20+ years ago!
  9. Another souvenir from China-this time from my grandfather. He brought back a few of these and my grandmother thought they were a waste of money but I loved them all. I don't know what happened to the rest and this is the only one I have kept over the years. I love the bright colors and the beautiful detailed embroidery.
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1370123546.762439.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1370123568.445802.jpg
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  10. Last one of this set. This one is equally old-from 20+ years ago. I want to say it is from Japan, but I can't remember.

    I love the needle point work! So intricate!
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  11. Here are some contemporary bags.

    I love Rebecca Minkoff! Found this one at Saks on sale! It's a glossy bright camel with red zipper track mini MAB. I used to carry this one everyday-rain or shine! It is well used but a winner!
  12. Another great RM bag:

    Dark brown cross body. Sorry don't know the name! Lovely leather!
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1370124319.159583.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1370124355.277133.jpg
  13. Bags from France bought a long time ago before I knew about designer brands. LeSportSac tokidoki.
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1370125111.088870.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1370125304.925077.jpg
  14. Cambridge satchel in graphite gray glitter. Don't really use this bag because the leather is so stiff and I hate dealing with the buckles!
  15. Here's a random one! Not so rational diaper bag. It's a great roomy bag with lots of pockets. It's a great travel bag too because no one can tell it is a diaper bag.