the bag you use MOST in your collection

  1. I thought this would be a fn spinoff of the other thread asking the bag you use the least.

    So Which bag do you use MOST? Please post a pic so we can see, even if it is just a pic from online.

    I use this bag the most right now.
  2. Apple green Balenciaga!
  3. Speedy 35 at the moment.
  4. My new Speey (mono) will be my mainstay this fall. I carry it about oncce a week now as it is:biggrin:
  5. hmmmm, i don't know. i rotate a lot. usually the newest one gets the most use. and i still carry my IF audra a lot, such a great bag.
  6. Large Chanel Cambon Tote...fits a lot!
  7. I actually use my bags about equally. Except for my White Coach Quilted Ski Hobo...mainly because it doesn't really go with spring :smile:

    Currently, I'm using my Coach Small Optic Ladybug Hobo. Tomorrow & the weekend I plan on using my Speedy 30!
  8. This one. Calvin Klein. Mine is in brown though.
  9. Speedy 30
  10. I'm killing my mj's my newest one so I'm still in that honeymoon stage.:biggrin:
    Picture 001.jpg
  11. I recently bought this vintage purse from the sixties. I love it so much much. I want to get it's mate, which is blue and oval shape.

  12. My Speedy 30. it just holds so much stuff that it's my Monda - Friday bag and has been for the last 18 months.

    I only change my bag on weekends and if I'm going somewhere spesh at night.
  13. right now my hologram bronze/turq spy
  14. My Pink Jennifer Marvin Mia bag...It's springtime:love: When my tabacco Mia bag (just one color on that one) arrives, I suppose I will begin thinking of autumn and change to that one:yes:
  15. It's between the the Speedy 35 and my black Twiggy! On the weekends though, it could be anything!
    (14) Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 - 605.JPG (2) Balenciaga Twiggy Bag - 1055.JPG