The bag you sold for the most? For the ladies who ebay

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  1. For those of you that have put up bags for sale, which one fetched the most money, or at least, most of its retail value?

    Cat was kind enough to take my Speedy off my hands. I think that was my best sale.
  2. balenciaga and chanel for sure.
  3. My best eBay bag sale was my Epi Speedy.
  4. My best sale...a marc by marc jacobs/sopphia coppola handbag from a few years fetched over retail (but it was nwt)

    For a used bag...i would probably say a coach sig hobo. I recovered what i paid for the bag.

    For clothes i would say my SFAM maternity jeans...

    I need to sell some more items, but I think that I'm just being lazy these days.
  5. i sold my Isabella Fiore Quilty as Charged hobo (cream canvas w/ brown leather) for about $50 over retail
  6. My mother's used Dooney & Bourke wallet- someone paid $1 less than retail and my Coach visor I sold for $2 under retail!
  7. My best sale was for a speedy 25 in mint condition I got 40$ more than retail and the other was my Mulberry tote (10 years) which I sold for 70% of the retail. Sometimes ebay is crazy.
    I sold as well my 10 year ol Mulberry agenda for the same price I bought it.
  8. My Balenciaga black first. I got close to full retail for it but I only used the bag for a couple of months.
  9. multicolor alma!
  10. A DKNY canvas shopper i bought at a charity shop for £2/$4 and sold it for £40/$80!!

    Yeah baby!! :yahoo:
  11. I was shocked when I sold my Balenciaga Eggplant Twiggy; I put a BIN or BO of $1550 (totally expecting to get low offers) and someone did a BIN within hours of the auction.

    OOh just thought of something else. I sold a Coach legacy coin purse (I think I paid $75 for it) for almost $150. Another shocker.
  12. My first ebay sale was for an 18 yr.old Gucci that had 3 ink spots inside and the handle was comming apart. It was a well used purse. Someone paid $179 for it, all I was looking for was maybe $20 and just to get it out of my closet!
  13. An old LV Epi Alma which was snapped up - I was amazed. My most hard-fought auction though was a pair of Louboutin shoes rather than a handbag and proportionately the final price was way beyond my expectations.
  14. that's a rare bag - you're bags are always snapped up! i am still kicking myself for not buying your pumpkin twiggy when i had the chance... :crybaby:

    def my bal bags sell for the most $$ - unfortunately, i never want to sell them!
  15. An orange fur chanel bag which I purchased for 75% off because it was so ugly, but I was young at the time and figured hey it's Chanel. Someone bought it for more than I paid for it.