The bag you desire vs the good deal

  1. Would you rather save and get your "dream" bag or are you lured by the "incredible deal"?
  2. I'd save for my dream bag rather than settle for the next best thing. I made the experience that I tend to sell the bags I wasn't really in love with and this is a big money burner so now I think about it a couple of weeks and when I still have the desire I buy her. Even though it might take you longer to save up for your dream bag nothing beats the feeling bringing it home after the drooling period.
  3. I'd much rather save for my dream bag. I'm a saver when it comes to other things such as clothing and shoes but I'm very serious about my handbags.
  4. I'm to the point now of waiting for the dream bag (after being lured by those great deals many, many times)

    I'm just at a loss as to what that dream bag is!
  5. I'd rather pass on the "good deal" and save that money for the dream bag that I really want.

    IMO, you shouldn't try to convince yourself you want something just because it's being sold at a good price. Eventually, you will realize you still want your dream bag and you'll be stuck with the bag you settled for. Money spent on a "good deal" is money that could have been spent on your dream bag.

    Unless it's SUCH a good deal and incredible find that you could buy that bag, sell it on eBay, and actually make a profit. That's a bit more risky though.
  6. I used to worry about the good deal. But I am at the point in my collection where if I don't absolutely love it I don't want to own it. The problem is "the dream bag" just keeps rising in price with each new dream, so I am really not saving anyway.

    :banned:until xmas or maybe even longer.
  7. I do both. If I really crave a black handbag with a certain "look" right now (in the next month or two), then I adjust my dream. Maybe not that Chanel or Jimmy Choo, but a lesser known designer whose work I think is wonderful and can afford right away. Even so, I'm getting away from the high end bags as they become more and more expensive. I'm buying fewer, and only those I love madly -- plus it's taking more to convince me that I love them that much.
  8. Definitely wait for my dream bag. I'm not much of a shopper anyway, I can wait until I find what I want.
  9. I've definitely learned my lesson. Now I save for the dream bag!
  10. i have a hard time passing up a good deal ("but it's soooo cheap!!" :rolleyes: )

    i need to be better and be patient. usually if i wait a little bit on a good deal the temptation will pass
  11. I'd rather be patient, but when I have it my head that I 'have to have it' it sometimes translates into 'have to have something.' I'm getting better about it now as a) I get older and b) my tastes trends toward the more expensive, but I definitely still settle at times.
  12. I want the "incredible" deal. I thought I was about the "dream" bag, so I bought it. I was so "freaked out" about the amount of money I spent, I kept it in the dust bag and only took it out to look at it. I ended up returning it. Whereas, when I get the "incredible" deal, I am excited and want to use it all the time. Also, I have occasionly bought bags that I wasn't crazy about, but the deal was too good to pass. Those bags have actually became some of my favorite and most used.
  13. For me, sometimes the "dream bag" is the "incredible deal". I'm not moved by one bag, but more by my list of ideals: scrumptious leather, quality details, functionality, original design. If a bag meets all these criteria, and is at a good price, *voila*, it's my dream bag!

    Now, if I were the person to lust after a Hermes (well, I do, but that's for my other life with my other husband who is a self-made gazillionaire, and my frothy inheritance LOL!), a Chanel, or LV, or bags of that ilk, I would save...but since my tastes are all over the map, I (happily) do not qualify for that category :yes:! But more power to those folks who do - I'm far, far too impatient, but certainly see the importance of the adage "good things come to those who wait"....
  14. unless the "good deal" is something i have already been wanting (for example, a purse that goes on sale or hits the outlets), or is also something that catches my eye and i really want it for what it is (and not for the deal price), i won't get it... i don't have the money to be buying good deals here and there. gotta save up for my dream bag! =P
  15. I try to save up for the "dream bag". However, I always fall victim to the sparkle of a great bag FOR a great deal.

    I save and save for weeks, then once I reach a certain amount, I fool myself into thinking I can take a small side trip over to a great steal, then continue the journey onto dream-land. You might as well rename this thread "Hayden-Harnett derails the train to Marc Jacobs-ville" for me.

    Le sigh.