The bag you covet....

  1. So...what's next? What is the next bag that you want right now but are waiting for the next sale to grab? The bag you'll be bummed to miss if said bag is long gone by the next sale? :wtf:

    For me, even after all the expectations of Alex (too big, too $$ pricey for suede) it is...the biker Riki in black! I have the burgundy and I just love it! Love the distressed leather, the size, etc...

    Or. And this is just me thinking out loud. If Robyn should wake up one day and say "Hey! You know what? I am SO tired of this navy wet look Riki!" "I'm going to send it off to Stinkerbelle!" know, we can't fight fate! :biggrin:
  2. I really want a Mahala. Right now it seems to be fitting my taste and size requirements and I just love the gorgeous red shade it comes in. I'll be really sad if I miss an oppurtunity to purchase it on eBay and this past week I've been keeping my eye on eBay like a hawk..litterally. :p:push:
  3. Great thread Stinkerbelle. Honestly the last couple of seasons I have loved all the Jimmy Choo bags. I have not seen anything this season that makes me want to buy. Maybe a Marin. The bag I would like to find most is a Kasia. I am also trying to resist buying another Troy. I am hooked on those clutches, but I think it might be lunacy for me to purchase a third!
  4. For Me Stinkerbelle I would have to say it would be the Jungle Mahala:choochoo: or maybe the Anaconda Ayse:drool:

    You never know Stinkerbelle, that Riki may just be looking for a new home later this year:whistle:
  5. I would like a Malena, and while I love the patent plum, I'm not sure that I want a bag that feels so much like a fall/winter color.
  6. Im confident the Alex will go to sales. I'll wait until then.

    Im not coveting anything right now. I havent coveted anything in a lonnng time, really. I rarely buy bags at full price. Im content in picking from the sale selections.

    I was sorta coveting a snow leopard XL muse, but when I found one...the two grand pricetag turned me off. I dont want anything THAT much.
  7. Although I love the Anaconda version, the black Ayse will hopefully be my next JC bag!
  8. I want the Red Riki ssssoooooooo bad ..... 3 more months.... I hope!!!
  9. Aside from the Jungle python Mahala :drool: ...

    I really like the Marcia. Wish I had it in the dark brown when it was around. I know it is discontinued now. Maybe it will pop up someday on eBay AND it will be authentic (fat chance!).
  10. The jungle Mahala - no question about it! :woohoo:
  11. To tell you the truth, I can't really think of anything current I reaaaly want from J Choo. They don't have a navy bag(except suede) currently so I think I'm done for awhile. I am drooling over a new Valentino black bag with shiney gun metal hardware I saw in Vegas, but after having spent so much on Choo lately I kept myself in check.:sad:
  12. Gris,
    Didn't you send a Red Riki back? You're as bad as me with the electric blue color bags!
  13. ^ Yes I did :crybaby:and I so much regret it Jmcadon - if I could only take back time:rolleyes: ..... even though it was better since my CC was on fire cuz of my latest shopping.... so I'll just wait to have some more extra $$$ plus I will be getting rid of one so that means more funds to go towards the DREAMY RED RIKKI:heart:
  14. I had biker Riki in black and ended up returning it because I love the burgundy one so much more! I think it really stands out more than the black one. So, I guess I don't really want anything else right now, I am content :smile:
  15. Did my DH pay you to say that?? ;)

    I have the biker Riki in burgundy and I do think about that....that the black bag will end up looking "less than" compared to the burgundy. Whereas JC does do color really, really maybe I'll just sit here and wait...patiently....for Robyn to tire of her blue Riki! :girlsigh:

    Oh, and I for one do NOT find patience to be a virtue! :p