The Bag Thing! Or What came out of the Chanel back closet!


Dec 10, 2006
Hi gals. A couple of days ago, I sent back a new medium metallic dark pink flap to my SA. Usually, I open the box, take a look at it. Close the Box. Take a look at it the next day in different lighting. Repeat. After several days or a week, then I decide whether to keep the bag or not. I decided that I'm a "pretty in pink" girl and the dark pink was not what I really wanted. I exchanged it for a jumbo black lambskin CC flap w/SH. OOOH, so soft.

When I called my SA to let her know that I received the lambskin flap, she told me that she had found a box in the back room, a box that she didn't know she had.

What could it be?

Look my first reveal!:confused1: