The bag that TPF made me Celine Clandestine (finally)

  1. There once was a girly-girl who loved frilly dresses, sweater sets, and Mary janes, but was ho-hum about purses. Then one day, she heard about the Jimmy Choo Tulita and was intrigued. The hardware, the pockets, the detail - oh my! Her search for purses led her to the land of TPF - what wonders, magical people, and witty pinings awaited her! TPF encouraged her to explore purses and she wandered through Neiman Marcus more and more. Then, she saw a wonderful, lady-like, and timeless purse called the Celine Clandestine. Alas, her wallet ran off keeping her credit cards hostage and she had to leave the Clandestine on its lonely shelf.

    Enter a cool spring day at Woodbury Commons and the only Celine outlet store in the US. There it was, her beloved Celine Clandestine in cream. Still, it was more than she ever spent on a purse and the cream could get so dirty? But of course, this is a story with a happy ending and lady and purse were united :heart:.

    Ok, so I'm a little delirious from long weeks of the office, but wanted to say thanks TPF for letting me see the true beauty of purses. This purse was a big leap, but I think it's gorgeous and classic. Months later, I have the pictures and just wanted to share pix of the crown jewel of my collection (for now).
    IMG_0188.jpg IMG_0189.jpg
  2. Aw boobeary what a great story! Sounds like it was truly meant to be. Congratulations, that is one gorgeous bag. Thanks for sharing :flowers:
  3. Thanks for your tale! Your bag is gorgeous and ladylike, but not too small as to be impractical. I would love to own a Celine but my wallet doesn't allow it. Congrats on your bag!
  4. Ah - what a lovely journey for you - with such a great "ending"......enjoy your beauty! It's a grand looking bag, feminine with a slight twist!!!
  5. i love celine's. and that is a beautiful specimen!
  6. Beautiful bag!

  7. Glad to see the two of you are finally reunited (and if feels so good, doesn't it? lol). Congrats...lovely bag. I hope to take a vacation to Woodbury this spring. Never been but heard it's awesome!
  8. Wow! It looks fab! Love the color!
  9. Lovely bag!!!! Enjoy!
  10. awesome bag!


    the tpf can make you do crazy things...but it is all worth it!! lol
  11. Thanks ! It really is classic - I can wear this now and in 40 years and it is really is a great size. I'm been so lazy about ordering the lovinbags pre-treatment. I'm so scared to get my baby outside before it's protected!

    I also don't think the pictures do justice to the gleam of the hardware and lovely pebbled leather. Oh and also forgot to take pictures of the lining - will do that next time!
  12. I love Celine bags and the Clandestine is gorgeous....enjoy!!!!:heart::yes:H
  13. Oh congratulations! A beautiful tale with a happy ending and a gorgeous bag.
  14. Delish! I've never given much thought to Celine until now...
  15. Lovely bag!!!