The bag that started it all!

  1. FINALLY! This is the bag that caught my interest in RM. I loved the look and the color. I hee haw'd around about this bag for a while, trying to wait until it went on sale. Finally, I thought I should just go ahead and buy the darn thing. Problem was by this time none of the web sites had it in stock. Well, I found one lone site that had it but I hadn't heard about this site before so I was a bit hesitant to order. They did have a good return policy and they had free shipping so I took the chance. Well, I must say they were terrific! I ordered the bag on Tues. it came this a.m. The price was about $20 less than anywhere else I'd seen it, plus they sent me a really cute purse hook for free! Site is

    Ok, about the bag, it is more than I hoped for and the color is just so me. Smooshy and soft. LIght-weight and very comfortable to wear. I will keep this bag forever. I am so thrilled. RM makes the nicest bags ever.
    CIMG3023.JPG CIMG3021.JPG CIMG3020.JPG
  2. It's so pretty! Congratulations!
  3. great color! enjoy...
  4. STUNNING bag!!!
  5. Congrats- you have great taste!
  6. I :heart: your bag,great color,enjoy it,is the inside fleur dis lis? does it fit under the arm nicely? I can't wait to get this bag ,i'm still waiting for my Matinee,I ordered my first RM from Luna Boston it got here in a day i,m :confused1:
  7. yes, fleur dis lis, and yes, it fits snugly under the arm. very comfy, with lots of room.
  8. did you order your bag from the RM site I ordered my Matinee wednesday todays friday and nothing:confused1: when I ordered a bag from boston it got here the next day.I need something new to touch, and model,it's like a drug I need my fix:sweatdrop:
  9. I got it from Free shipping and free purse hook (really cute) and it took 2 days.
  10. I wonder where these bags come from,maybe i'm just being impatient or I was spoiled by Luna boston,no tax, no shipping and a free fragrance soap,I called them right a away to tell of my satisfaction I ordered the bag at 5:00 one evening it was delivered the next day at 10:00 am I could not believe it.
  11. congrats, it's a gorgeous colour!!
  12. Congrats - great bag!
  13. Congrats!!! It's fantastic!
  14. Oh I was wondering if bagtrends was legit. Good to know it is!
  15. congrats cute bag! Yes guys is legit, and you can use code "babyblog" to get 10% off your purchase, on all items!