The bag that lifts your spirit during these crazy times...

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  1. I thought it would be fun to post the bag that lift our spirit during these crazy times as some part of the country is in lockdown. Taking this time to go through my closet and just happy looking at these pieces. Post your piece(s) that lift your spirit. Stay safe and healthy everyone. C6F6F7CD-6306-49CF-9B46-73113427B0C1.jpeg
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  2. I love both of these styles.
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  3. These two pieces are gorgeous especially the vanity pm. I would love to have that one too, but preorders are closed in my country. :sad: so sad. How are you finding it?
  4. Bought this one on March 13th before everything hit the fan and now I’ve got nowhere to take her to except work! (Yup, on lockdown, but considered essential). She’s lifting my spirits though.

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  5. This is very elegant combo of colors. I am personally afraid of the corner wear, empreinte leather is very sensitive, buy I do not want to ruin your joy. She looks truly wonderful!
  6. I ordered it a couple months ago. Thanks goodness I picked it up before all these craziness. And the store are closed.
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  7. Received the monogram today, this one just place a smile in my heart. 7A631FB2-E95F-4FE1-9D33-7BA7B184743A.jpeg
  8. These are gorgeous as well, congrats
  9. Stunning x
  10. My mono pochette metis which I acquired in 2018. It brings me back to a happier time. Even though it sits in my closet everyday now, I enjoy seeing it. Makes me smile, which is very rare these days.
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  11. I think for me it is my Horizon. Cannot wait to use it again and travel!

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  12. I’m loving my Bayswater at the moment but my ‘happy’ bag is my LV Hawaii Neverfull
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  13. Got her before the stay at home order in effect. I've been letting her sunbath whenever the sun's out. Hopefully she'll get a nice even tan by time the quarantine days are over.

  14. Anything from this collection!

  15. I think mine would have to be my speedy 30 in Azur although I don’t use her often coz I fear of getting it dirty or colour transfer, also my first LV piece. My pochette Métis in reverse monogram also puts a smile on my face.