The bag that got away...

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  1. :crybaby:My sob story...Well me and the fiancee were up in Maine for a little vacation and we went to the outlets in Kittery. Well there was a white Ali marked down to 249.99 with an additional 20% off. At first I didn't like it so we went to the room. A couple hours later I realized I couldn't stop thinking about the purse. He took me back to the store and it was gone! I could've cried. I will never forget the Ali that got away...:crybaby:
  2. I'm sorry!!!! Maybe you will find another one??? Call around and see if any of the outlets have outlet had a TON of white legacy when I was there on the 26th! Good luck and i hope you find one!!!!
  3. I always buy first and think later!:yes: Not always a good thing, but I always figure I'll return it if I change my mind. That's usually the case when you leave something on the shelf , when you go back it gone!:crybaby:
  4. I just went the other day and didn't see any white ali's what else did they have ? They only had 4 whiskey alis and a bunch of legacy shoulder flaps the small ones. Also it is a high maintenance bag, gorgeous but always have to worry about the color transfer and stuff and i don't think you can use the cleaner on it plus people say it yellows over time if that makes you feel any better. Still I would have been bummed too if i made the decision. That outlet in Kittery, I never really find anything there, Tilton, way better.
  5. Actually that did make me feel better. Well I went to the store the day before I saw the white Ali and they had the legacy bags and 4 whiskey Ali's so it had to have been a return or something.
    Well I live in Mass so it's closer to go to Kittery. Sometime this week I am going to try the Wrentham, MA outlet. Fingers crossed for a good deal!
  6. I would seriously get on 93 north and just drive straight until you get to the Tilton one, you won't regret it ! I hear the wrentham is not as good, Tilton outlet is so great and the SA are very nice, professional and accomodating. It is not that far, it will take 1 hr and 25 minutes but one straight road plus no tax.
  7. Is that NH or ME? What types of bags do they have? Also do they have the patchwork gallery totes from the fall?
  8. It is new hampshire near laconia. They have everything. They actually have tons of signature. If you call ahead of time, they can give you a rundown of what they have and hold stuff for you. They had a lot of legacy when I went a few weeks ago but it went fast and not sure what else they have.
  9. they had a bunch of gold patchwork stuff but it looked like the same stuff kittery had, maybe made for the outlet