The Bag That Does Not Exist…

Oct 29, 2006
Congrats it's a gorgeous colour! I wouldn't worry about the creases given it is a reissue. I was at Selfridges London looking at reissues. The SA brought out a few for my picking and most of them were packed flat like completely compressed! I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the way these expensive beauties were packed. Hope your mum loves the bag!


Apr 14, 2006
looks great to me! so glad you could get it!!! did you get it from saks?? if you did, that packaging is normal, it is exactly what mine looked like. the chanel ribbon/camellia flower is from boutiques.


Mar 10, 2008
In case anyone needs infor of the bag, its a reissue in 226 with RHW. as to the colour, the color tag says Dark burgundy

AND case anyone is wondering...I believe that there is more than one kind of burgundy floating around...

Nat74 's reveal here (same colour code as mine - but i think we both agree that the bags arent the same colour.) #337...

gymangel812 has her reveal here . I do believe her color code is 45004 (argent fonce)

tobilove has her reveal here.

lallybelle's 11A Bordeaux Reissue 227

you can see the full glory of her bag here at post #399 Colour code is 91320 Burgundy

I believe only Lallybelle's reissue is in the size 227 while the rest of the reissues are size 226...and on my computer, it appears that Lallybelle's burgundy reissue is definitedly redder and less darker than mine...

can any of the experts explain whether chanel creates different colours for different size bags in the same season? or does it depend very much on the bags that the respectative departmental store buyers select when ordering the bags?


Mar 10, 2008
thank you everyone for commenting about the creases on the bag and the just that lately i notice the reveals with the nice new white bags and the ribbons and white camelia so I thought that would be be the packaging... I didnt realise there were differences in the boutique and departmental store thanks again for the clarification...

Some SAs may not know when stock comes in or is available. Like anything else, some SAs are more motivated and are keep updated about availability by the department head, DBA, or managers, and many times by TPFers. The forum is wealth of information. We become more knowledge because we are able to post intel from all parts of the world including North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and some Arabic countries. A typical shopper does not have all of this intel. GL with future purchases.
I defintedly agree that tpf seems more knowledgable than alot of the sas i encounter...but i was wondering perhaps different store buyers purchased different items / colours so that could explain why some stores have the different styles / colours. However, all chanel boutiques should have ordered the same items right? or does it depend on what headquarters in paris delivers to the stores??

now that i know i can order overseas at a better price point...its definitedly set off a new considering if i should purchase my own reissue (what colour?) or should i get the in the business flap (black)...:graucho:


Aug 30, 2007
New York
i have learned first hand that colors can be tricky based on lighting...the day i got an 09 fushia maxi at home from NM i went to Hirsh & saw it on the shlef & could have sworn it was different - i went home to bring mine in to compare - they were the identical color IRL...if its same season/same # my guess is they would look same side by side...i do agree in this thread yours looks darker than lallybelles...


Aug 22, 2011
As some have already said, the creases are normal! I actually own this bag in the burgundy and have the same creases, so you can rest assured. This is a gorgeous bag and the plus side is that since its a distressed look, its more worry free and you don't have to baby it as much.

What a wonderful daughter you are! Your mom is very lucky to have a generous and loving daughter, as well as the reissue :smile:
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