The bag that completes my collection!

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  1. ... don’t we all say that all the time? That we’re done, our collections are complete and all that talk when we put our hands on one of our holy grails???

    Seriously though, this bag is everything! I truly feel I have everything I need/dream of in my collection after being extremely lucky to find this treasure as it’s been sold out and in a highly sought after color..

    I created this thread 1st because the bag that I’m going to receive next week (can not wait!!!) deserves to be descently celebrated. Second, to share my beloved collection with all of you CHANEL lovers!

    I know I posted this too early but I’m super excited and over the moon!

    How about this teaser? Lol maybe some of you can guess the color (easy one right?) and the style?

    I promise I’ll post her as soon as I get her and will follow with photos of my entire collection!

    Thank you for looking :smile:

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  2. Gorgeous color, and hardware looks amazing with it.
  3. Thank you!
  4. I love your thread title, it gives me hope! Looking forward to seeing your reveal soon! :drinks:
  5. Yup! There’s hope.. I hope! Lol

    Thank you :smile:

  6. What a lovely shade of red!! this could be either the 17B dark red or the 18C iridescent burgundy? am i close? ;) Either way i am excited for your reveal!
  7. Thank you dear, it is a stunning red! And yes, very close! Doesn’t the hardware color give it away?

  8. Maybe the photo doesn’t show clearly what hardware is that...
  9. looks like antique gold hardware... but i could be wrong lol:cool:
  10. No you’re not!

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  11. Yay! Has she arrived yet?
  12. Today..hopefully! :smile:
  13. Here it is!

    The icing on my collection cake! I’m in love!

    18C iridescent burgundy medium flap!

    96DD8C39-DE03-42F1-B33F-F9AB22F36A04.jpeg A49B5BB7-91AF-4AC2-8F5C-58AA4D2B9A3A.jpeg
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  15. It is! I love it beyond words! A very rare combo from CHANEL in my favorite size :smile: