The Bag Snob's Take on Fall 07 Chloe Bags

  1. Just in case you haven't checked this out - she agrees with the consensus here :roflmfao:
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    Chloe Fall 2007 (The Bag Snob)

    This is the Bag Whore and one of my first assignments was to report on the debut Chloe collection by Paulo Melim Andersson-who comes to us from the majorness of Marni. My report is simple: it sucked. It actually sucked ass. What a complete disappointment. I'm actually in pain saying this. I don't know what happened but obviously someone was overthinking or underthinking what the look should be. There's nothing highly covetable. It all looks like stuff you would find at Mandee's. I just can't see anyone fawning over this stuff. I can't even give it up to the Teen Vogue girls to be motivated...

    Marimekko colors-which I usually like but not here, messenger bags- in pea green-at Chloe?-and weird Doc Marten style boots....who wants to dress like that? Honestly? To make it even worse, there's a ticking slideshow of Chloe on the right of's web page for Chloe with the current, youthquaking collection which rocks! Every season there's been a new must, something you would sacrifice body parts and maybe first borns for but-from the days of Stella with the satin boots and Chloe sign necklace around the ankle to Phoebe Philo's Paddingtons, Betty's, Edith's and the glorious Bays. Rent gets skipped, loans are taken out, all to grab a piece of pefection. But I didn't feel it. I have no idea what they're names are this coming fall season, but I'm not taking any...
    However, Chloe is like a dark, Stevie Nicks like-witch. It has magical,witchypoo like powers to change your opinion...For instance, last season, spring summer (NOW) the colllecton tanked and was panned by most. But now, everyone not only wants eveything but BUYS it too. It's all working.
    Hoepfully, yo
  2. I agree totally! :yes: I haven't seen a thing that makes me want to take out my credit card...I also think that there are going to be plenty of sales on the old Ediths and Bay bags...the stores are full of these, and the fact is that nothing like the craziness for the paddingtons has happened. The SA's tell me that when someone comes in looking for Chloe, they are looking for the paddingtons or the silverados. :graucho: It will be interesting to see what happens in the fall with this new collection! :p
  3. I'm just scratching my head over the size of the darn things. Who can hoist something like that over their shoulder and still stand up straight without toppling? There must have been Superman wires holding them up for the show! The colors don't necessarily bother me but the construction of the orange one -euwww - so shiny and cheap looking.
  4. Oh no! Please, bring back Phoebe!
  5. :true::lol::roflmfao::lol:
  6. Love, love, love BS. I read her several times a day.
  7. My sentiments exactly! :sad:
  8. its true, theres nothing to luv about the current collection..
  9. I was truly disappointed with the lack of creativity and appeal in Chloe's new fall line-up :yucky: . Surely, they will carry the same price tags as well! Looks like we may have to make do with the current spring/summer Chloes. Hopefully, Chloe designers will learn their lesson and come back with something incredibly fab for 08 to make up for it!
  10. I'm dissapointed too. All the bags looks so plain and mediocre, nothing exciting. It seems like Bay so far the last of Chloe glorious purses. They definitely need Phoebe or someone like her! Well, at least I'll save my money on Chloe so far.

  11. I like that quote. :yes: And I agree. If I were in a department store I wouldn't give a second glance at those new bags, even if they were in the Chloe section.
  12. Yes, would have been better for Phoebe to stay with chloe...for good reason. I don't like the new tsyle either...:crybaby: Karl was great, Stella was great, Phoebe was the best....
  13. I thank Divnanata for telling me the history of Chloe and the success of PP. She also flagged her untimely departure from this designer. Because of her premature leave?? I went into overdrive (and a little debt) and scored some terrific PP's bags.

    Sooo basically what I'm saying there are NO regrets, PP's purses rock! and girlfriends these new ones do NOT.:crybaby: