The Bag Snob Reviews Kooba Natasha

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  1. She likes it! She's been kind of snobby (surprise) about Koobas in the past. She usually goes for the upper-end lines. She gives a really good review to the Natasha. BUT she said she'd also use it for a beach bag! WTF??!!!

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  2. Gee, I would never toss my beach stuff inside a Kooba. Imagine getting a pretty Natasha all caked up with sand and oil! I must be a bag snob too, a different kind of bag snob, but nonetheless...
  3. That does not look like a beach bag to me.I bet she doesn't really go to the beach:lol: This should prompt a beach bag thread.
  4. Ah, Ok....I guess that means that she likes it. Is it below what she usually buys so it's suitable for a beach bag, too? Not me...I'm afraid to use a white bag period!
  5. A beach bag? Holy cow, does she go to the beach in high heels and a pencil skirt?

    I wonder what she would think about the Elisha in Red, the hot Kooba of the season?
  6. My mom has the black patent Natasha and she would definately never use it on the beach!!!

    But she also doesn't understand the purse obsession, and to her $625 is not a cheap thrill.
  7. Snob for sure, I hope the beach in reference is St. Tropez or St. Barts!!
  8. Yikes! She's an alien!
  9. Wow, she and I have a completely different idea of the word "cheap". I know Koobas are no Hermes, but I think it's a bit of a stretch to call a $600 bag cheap!
  10. I guess for someone who has Hermes bags in the double digits, $600 equals a "throw around" beach bag for her. Not for me! LOL!
  11. PS- I just saw that she has this review listed in the "cheap thrills" section. :roflmfao:
  12. yeah i noticed that about the "cheap thrills" after i finished reading the post on the Natasha.

    she's really really offensive too...

    no links to other blogs

    i'm from Taiwan and i'm seriously offended by her comment about the "weird cancers" in Taiwan. wth...
  13. She IS offensive in so many ways.

    Here's a comment she made re: a Cole Haan bag:

    "It really is hard to find something of quality and design in mind for under $1000. We would love to be chic on a penny but unfortunately fab doesn't come cheap."

    Please. Spare us the cost=great crap. :rolleyes:
  14. Wow. Free speech is great, and I love it, but it's too bad that people take that as a license to be offensive.

    Of course, to be fair, we've all talked about how our family/friends give us crap for the bags that we buy, that they say is insanely priced. So for us to do the same to her isn't exactly fair. I suppose if I had an unlimited budget, I'd be out there buying all the super expensive bags too.

    Although I certainly hope I wouldn't be as elitist about it if I did.
  15. There is a reason 'snob' is in her nickname. *s
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