The BAG SNOB just scored another birkin!

  1. GORGEOUS!!!:heart:
  2. thanks for posting this -- I personally love bagsnoba (and their sister site beautysnob).

    It is a gorgeous lizard bag..
  3. SUBLIME bag....:drool:
  4. It's beautiful. Thanks for posting that, Pazt.
  5. Thank you for posting, pazt!
  6. HK, hold yourself back! :smile:
  7. Thanks, patz. The chocolate is so delicious!
  8. Thanks for posting!x
  9. :drool:
  10. halleleujah a big lizard bag! i hope they keep them coming. that chocolate is TDF!!!!!!
  11. Thanks for the news!!
  12. Tdf!!!
  13. beautiful
  14. beautiful bag