The bag/s you're glad you didn't buy?


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Aug 22, 2009
So most of us had regrettable bag purchases at some stage or another... but how about the bags you were looking at, drooling over for extended periods of time, and then later on had an epiphany and went "oh man, I'm so glad I didn't get that!"?

I've had two moments like this that I can think of in recent times... Juicy Couture bags on eBay I'd normally never go for in my life - I find Juicy a bit too over the top for what I usually wear, and a bit young for me. I bid on two from the same seller that I was later outbid on and it was only later I found out that they were both fake anyway! :shocked:

The other one was on eBay as well, a Balenciaga Maldives City... a beautiful light colour that I impulsively bid on and realise now that I would have completely trashed - if the pale pink leather bag I rarely used that still managed to have scuffs all over it was any hint! I've never been so relieved to have been outbid in my life, though it's still a beautiful bag, I can't be trusted with light colours!

I'm sure I'm not the only one with these sorts of experiences, and would love to hear others' thoughts! :biggrin:


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Jul 2, 2007
Wow...there are so many! I follow a certain designer and when the new lines come out each season, I think I must have several bags...then the hype dies down, thank goodness! Some of them I look back at and am so glad I did not get them...I guess the one that comes to mind is the Prada Fairy line.


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May 2, 2006
There were a few coach bags I really wanted that I never got that I'm glad I ended up passing on, and a juicy daydreamer tote that I really wanted 4-5 years ago. I'm 23 now, I'd never use it, I think I'd just look foolish with it now. However there was a fendi bag I passed up one about 6 years ago that was $200 and I thought it was too much, so I never got it. UGH. at the time I was so obsessed with coach, and I knew that fendi was expensive, but I never realized how expensive until a year later. That's prolly my only regret for not buying a purse!


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Jul 15, 2007
there are a few but the one that comes to mind is the miu miu bow satchel. i still think it's a great bag but i don't think about it or care to purchase it anymore. i was lusting hard for that bag a year ago, and now i'm glad i didn't buy it.


Apr 2, 2008
Vuitton Sac HL in white multicolore (a while back). I wanted one and my store was sold out and I was hesistant about buying one on eBay. Now I've learned that the tan piping bleeds onto the white canvas and there is nothing they can do to fix it.
I would have been a very sad tiny bag owner :cry:


Jul 20, 2009
Oh gosh, there are so many. :biggrin: Let's see the most expensive & most branded bag I'm glad I didn't buy was the LV MC speedy (black and white). There was a time when I so desperately wanted one but it just didn't fit into my lifestyle. Besides every time I see an MC it was carried by girls/women waaaay younger than me.


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Apr 12, 2008
There're lots!! LV Cherry Blossom, Fendi Spy, Luella Giselle, Juicy bags, etc.

I've always made wrong decision when it comes to handbags. ;) I just want to get them all. :smile: