The bag rut...

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  1. I have looked at a lot of bag galleries here, including my own, and noticed how many of us (some exceptions apply) seem to gravitate towards the same themes. Whether it be similar shaped bags, or similar color bags, many of us truly seem to be in a "bag comfort zone".

    I thought it might be fun to post pictures of the bag that defied the comfort zone for each of us. (I will post my picture in a few minutes; I have to dig the bag out of hiding :blink: ).
  2. I'm in a technology rut! I don't even know how to post pics, nor do I have adigital camera, sigh sigh. Anyways, I snuggle firmly in my comfort zone of LV Mono canvas, but my Gucci Large Horsebit Hobo is presently en route, I've been obsessed with this thing for a couple of months now, getting two!! They'll be my first Guccis, slowly testing the waters!
  3. I think I'm one of the exceptions. I've posted my collection. Am I right or am I in denial? lol
  4. Why did I not find your thread in the bag showcase?

    Links to the evidence please. :amuse:
  5. Ayla was very kind and posted my pics for me. The name of the thread is "Kat's Handbag Collection."
  6. Me = can't see the forest through the trees.

    Yes, your collection is quite diverse in color and sizes; but, you do have a shape theme occuring. If you scan the rows of amazing bags (you do have such a great collection) you will notice the shapes do follow a theme; but, that was point how we all do gravitate towards what we feel suits us.

    You definitely have defied bag rut by having such an inclusive brand collection and color assortment.
  7. I have much more purses than what I posted. I have a lot of less expensive bags but I do have a coomfort zone you can say. Maybe one day I will get to post it.
  8. My comfort zone of satchels and totes has never been broken so there are no bags to post. Maybe if I get my nerve up and it can fit into the budget I will purchase a Balengiaga box bag. I know its still a satchel but the strings and studs will be out of the ordinary for me.
  9. I think I have a very diverse collection of bags. They're all pretty different from one another. I'd definitely buy from the same designer, but I don't think I'd ever buy the same bag in a different color, just to keep things interesting.
  10. I've totally broken that rule with my Longchamp obsession. I have 3 Longchamp Pliages totes in different colors, 1 smaller tote in another color, and a shopping tote...for a total of 5. I think I have a problem.:shame:
  11. i said this until i got my first balenciaga so...wait a few days and see what you think, lol.

    structured, classic bags are really out of my comfort zone, actually. let me find a good example...


    the bag is great, and Tods of course is a fabulous, quality brand, and even in this orange color, the bag is just out of my comfort zone. a lot of LV bags are, too, which is why i have balked at buying my Deauville even though I really love it in theory. my comfort zone is big, slouchy, and interestingly colored.
  12. i just ordered my first longchamp from saks (a medium pliage in bright pink). i have two herve chapelier totes (a 904 in bright blue and green and a 925 in dark red and brown), and longchamp bags are about equally popular to those around here, so i thought i'd give it a shot (you can't say no to a sale).
  13. I should have said don't quote me on that :lol: I know it will probably happen soon!

    That Tod's bag is very pretty, I love the color! During the summer that's my favorite toenail color :love: