The bag of my dreams and I can't have it=*o(

  1. Oh MY..... this bag is fabulous....
  2. What a gorgeous bag! It comes in other great colors too. I know how you feel Silversea!
  3. pretty
  4. Very pretty bag, I can see why you want it.
  5. it is a pretty bag!
  6. We feel your pain...:cry:
  7. i was looking at that bag just yesterday on NM. Great bag, but you're right it's still quite expensive. :sweatdrop:
  8. it is very nice!
  9. Maybe it will stick around long enough to make 'last call'...fingers crossed for you :smile:
  10. That is a luscious bag, I love metallics. but good for you - knowing how much is too much. I always find some kind of justification to up my price range when I fall in love with a bag.
  11. Oh, my...that's a beauty. But even on sale it is sadly out of my price range, too. You have great taste.
  12. Can't you sell a limb or a kidney?? (joke, by the way)
  13. ha! I was just looking at that this morning.

    I feel your pain. Someone awesome is going to snatch that up.
  14. LOL I know it has crossed my mind!j/k :idea:

    I really want this bag!:crybaby: argggggg