The bag in your collection you use least

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  1. Probably that big Chanel tote I have up for sale!

  2. Coach Scarf Print Hobo...just way too small, but it was so cute I had to have it. I've probably used it 3 times at the most.
  3. probably my Chanel Cerf tote, I havent used it in 4 months:cry:
  4. probably a burberry tote
  5. Juicy daydreamer tote.
  6. LV messanger bag. I bought it for school and then ended up taking time off. It's gone unused for over a year. I feel bad for it. It's like neglecting a child.
  7. I have 4 Kate Spades left, none of them are getting used these days.
  8. My remaining vintage Coach bags and a couple of nylon Kate Spades. I keep forgetting I still have them.
  9. A Gucci that I bought in 1998, used 3 times that same year and haven't touched since. The style is too formal and not functional at all.
  10. A Tod's Micky - probably used 3 times max.
  11. prada nylon messenger. it was a gift for high school graduation, i used it often at the time, but not recently
  12. All of my Coach stuff...its a sin. I have such nice Coach things but I use my higher end designer stuff. They hate me!

  13. A kooba sienna. I actually returned it last week.
  14. my kate slyvester hobo bag - but im actually using it today! hehehe
  15. LV bedford, I'm worried about color transfer etc.
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