the bag in E show #1 single?

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  1. Hi,
    does anyone watch the E chanel show #1 single? Its a show about this 30something jewish singer looking for a boyfriend.....i was channel surfing and came across it. If youve seen it, can any of u knowledgable pursebloggers help me ID the large white knit bag that she always carries? iss so adorable....:nuts:
  2. I have become hooked on this show! Do you mean the big white hobo with pom-poms? I have NO clue, probably something she found locally in a NY shop.

    I love her little studio apt! The show sooooort of tries to be too SATC but I adore it! How can you not like Lisa Loeb?

    Sorry, that was no help... just me rambling again.
  3. I haven't noticed her bag...odd! Maybe it's all the Hello Kitty stuff she has, I can't keep my eyes off it! :smile:
  4. I haven't watched it but I love Lisa Loeb! she was the greatest on the Colbert Report!

    "I only hear what I want to"
  5. Uh oh...

  6. oh wow! thanks for the info! Though from those pics the bag doesnt look as cute.... i wonder if its cuz the color...
    the white one just looked so cute on the show! I wonder if the knit gets all stretch out if u use it tho.