The bag I ordered is going to arrive after I leave for holiday, help!

  1. I recently ordered a clutch to take with me on a family holiday. It was taking forever for it to ship, but I figured it would still make it on time, and the last communication I had with the seller was to send it 2 day shipping. Well, they sent me the tracking number this morning (finally), and it's scheduled, by GROUND instead of 2 day shipping, to arrive the day I'm leaving (I leave for the airport at 6 am). I don't really know what to do! Oh, and it's a problem also that I live in an apartment where I'm new and don't know my neighbors yet. It's already on it's way, so I'm guessing I can't just ask the seller to call and reclaim the bag, and I don't think it's a good idea to leave the bag on my doorstep for 2 weeks. I'd ask my friends to pick it up, but they are either going with me or on holiday. Is it still possible to somehow contact the shipping company and have them send it somewhere other than my house?

  2. You could always have them deliver it to my house...:graucho:
  3. Ask a family member to possibly stay at your apartment the day it will arrive?
  4. I live in an apartment building too, and I usually leave a note downstairs for the delivery man to take the package to the convenience store on the corner. The convenience store has an agreement with our building whereby they accept packages for a $2 fee per package. It's really convenient cause packages always get delivered when I'm out, and this way I don't need to chase the postman. Do you have anything like this around your place?
  5. ^^ My family are going with me ...

    I do have a grandma who lives about an hour away, but I really feel it would be too much to ask her (she's 81) to travel that far and wait for my bag!
  6. Well do you have any close friends?

    I have a few friends that are like sisters who wouldn't mind sleeping over at my place doing this for me.
  7. That does sound really convenient, I wish I could set up a similar arrangement! Unfortunately, I'm new to the area, so I don't know any of the shop owners well enough to know if they'd do that (or if I could trust them?) However, I DO live near a UPS store, maybe I could somehow get a PO box by then, and arrange to have it transferred to that?
  8. Yes, I'm trying to arrange to have a friend to come pick it up, but I leave Friday morning, so it depends on if I can arrange it by then. I feel somehow I planned this last minute even though I ordered the bag 3 weeks ago. I appreciate everyone's advice.
  9. I think if you have the tracking number, you should be able to call and ask the courier to either hold your package until a certain date, or ask them to deliver to another address.... do you know anyone in the area the package could be delivered to while you're gone?

  10. Yes I do!! That is what I was wondering, if I could somehow have the package sent to a different location than I originally specified. Thank you so much ThiThi ( I also appreciate your help in the MJ forum awhile ago :smile: )
  11. The key thing is to get it sorted before it gets into the postal system, I would contact Customer Services and either get them to hold it until your return or have it delivered to another address.